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First off I’d like to start this post off by mentioning I haven’t gone totally off the deep end (yet) … And secondly, this is not really a new series of posts I’m starting on the blog about people that hate personal training (unless you want to see more of them) … But I thought a little humor would be appropriate for the guy I’m profiling here right now – it’s my buddy Nate Green. Now, I don’t think Nate hates Personal Training per se – he’s a guy that took his start in training and was able to leverage it into tremendous opportunities in the fitness industry. Most of what Nate has been doing is online, but not in the typical, e-book, affiliate marketing, joint venture sense. He broke the mold and took it by a different angle, by landing a full-time gig writing for the top online training magazine, T-Nation, getting a major book published, and then blogging about all of it. Add to that serial networking, balls, and a good sense of humor, and you’ve got a fitness success story that is still really just in its starting stages. There’s nothing more that can be said about […]

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centralAlthough I consider myself one of the hardest working guys in this business, I've been hanging-out and relaxing nearly all day in my old stomping grounds of ASTORIA QUEENS.

And hey, before you start laughing at the BRIDGE AND TUNNEL scene (this is the derogatory term NYC residents give to anything or anyone outside of Manhattan), let me tell you a little bit about ASTORIA.

If anyone is familiar with this part of New York, you know how strange this neighborhood is - there are 2-3 upscale bars and lounges on nearly every single block, always full of good looking people at nearly every hour of the day and night (does anyone work?) - I've been almost everywhere and haven't seen anything like this neighborhood.

I actually passed out in the banquet of my favorite place, CENTRAL, for a couple of hours, but I had my shades on, and the owner is a former client of mine so it was all good.

Here's why I was so wiped:

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Day 1 of The Continuity Summit

Posted on 15. May, 2009 by .


This event is absolutely nuts! I’m having a blast hanging out with Kaiser and helping Ryan out with the event. Everyone here is extremely nice – I almost feel like a VIP like I’m fitting in already, which is kind of crazy.. It’s very hard to consider this weekend work in the traditional sense, but since there’s money involved, I guess you’d have to call it that. Anyway, here are a few more video updates – With the videos, we’re trying to get you the more exclusive, behind-the-scenes type of stuff so that you can get a true feel for what actually goes on in these events during the times between speakers (which I’ve learned is actually the most valuable time). Check out the footage below.. Here’s Joel Marion, who’s brining back the e-book as a way to make serious money in fitness: [youtube Y6OKp2l7Vfo nolink] Alex Moroko talks about how anyone in fitness can easily make a product: [youtube OLLGziNSmgA nolink] You’re in for a special treat with Kaiser and world famous author Mark Victor Hanson. (Watch Mark punk Kaiser at the end!) [youtube Ya4TWHmm3aM nolink] We met this 20 year old genius marketer at the bar Friday night […]

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Hitting The Road to Ryan Lee’s Event in Stamford

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Here’s a little video update from our trip from Queens to Stamford: [youtube U5hXKI8LMEI nolink] We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the weekend rolls on so keep your eyes on the blog!

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Getting Ready to KILL IT at the Continuity Summit!

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This is crazy. Just eleven months ago, I remember sitting in my apartment a month and a half into my first personal training job when I stumbled across this blog for the first time. Now, here I am less than a year later – I’ve dumped the gym (thanks Kaiser), moved back to the South, have already attended a big industry conference in LA at Bedros’ Event, and I have shaken hands and exchanged phone calls and e-mails with many of the current and future heavy hitters in the fitness industry. And now in the same month, I’ll be helping out behind the scenes at Ryan Lee’s event in Stamford, Connecticut at The Continuity Summit. Like I said, crazy.. Because of Ryan’s background, there’s sure to be a lot of other fitness business owners there.  Even one of the speakers, nutrition expert and creator of Warp Speed Fat Loss,  Mike Roussell will be in attendance, representing the fitness industry as a social media expert.  Goes to show you, there’s room to get involved online – even if you see yourself as more of an old school type of trainer. From what I understand, this whole event is going to be […]

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