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Are BOOTCAMPS Really A Good Idea For Personal Trainers?

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Personal Training is the best way to start a simple training practice paying you high hourly rates -you need about a dozen clients to earn pretty damn close to six figures.  Just make sure that even when things are small, you stay smart and treat it like a real business. From there you can grow into semi-private sessions, and even larger than that are bootcamps.  But the process is much easier said than done, which is obvious to anyone that’s started one.  Getting and retaining clients in today’s competitive marketplace isn’t as easy as it’s often made out.  Also, not all trainers are suited to starting a bootcamp because of their personalities and career goals. I got to thinking about this subject because of a recent feature I saw in PFP Magazine discussing the pros and cons of fitness bootcamps.  One of the experts featured in that article was Georgette Pann.  Georgette’s a veteran in this business, and has been running her own packed bootcamps and teaching trainers how to succeed with them for some time. She’s also the creator of the all time highest selling bootcamp toolkit, SURE VICTORY BOOTCAMPS, and has taught tens of thousands of trainers how […]

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“What usually wins fights is not so much style as content.” A.J. Liebling (famous American journalist) I would have to agree with A.J. – it’s usually substance that wins over style, hype, and flash in most battles – not just in the fight game, but in getting started with your personal training business as well. That being said, style still has it’s importance.  Think of it like meeting someone at a bar or club – whether or not you pursue a relationship with that person is based on substance, but the game is over before it starts if the style does not suit your tastes. What we’re talking about here are the marketing materials that represent you and your fitness business and every aspect of it, from your business cards to your website and product images.  Although your long term success depends on your substance, the face you put out to the world can have a big impact on the results you get. Even when it comes to your direct response pieces, that may be heavy on long sales copy, don’t ignore the importance of appearance.  I think this was said best by the legendary direct response copywriter Gary Halbert.  […]

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  It’s pretty interesting what we’ve been talking about in this series so far -it hasn’t been client getting strategies, or advertising, or anything like that. It’s been about getting more out of what you already have – getting more from each client and each training session.  And not in a sales judo kind of way, but in way that the client feels that they are getting a tremendous value and are eager to tell other people about it. If you already implemented some of the stuff we’ve talked about, you either already have or are setting yourself up for at least a 10% price increase.  Don’t think that’s a big deal?  Keep in mind that’s all profit, so it could mean as much as a 30% increase in your earnings – do the math and you’ll be surprised by what a big deal it turns out to be. That being said, price increase strategies can ALSO be the biggest client getting strategies out there.   For any personal training business, referrals and word of mouth are your best and also cheapest source of new leads.  Using the strategies we’ve shared in part 1 and part 2, this is will […]

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(This article is adapted from THE SIX-FIGURE TRAINER MANUAL and originally appeared in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.)   If you need a sudden jolt of credibility and need to add value to your training sessions so you can charge the highest rates in training, either for your solo or group sessions, progress tracking is it. And that’s not just me saying that.  I remember when I sent this article to PFP Magazine for a feature last year, they changed the title to what you’ll see below.  I originally just called it a post about session design, but their editors understood the value this has in charging more for your training sessions. (This article may turn off a few personal training purists – good thing none of them read this blog.) PFP June-July 2008 Title: Raising Rates through Better Session Design Subtitle: Part 1 — Pre-planning your appointments and taking notes for next time By Kaiser Serajuddin Since your training session is the actual product you’re selling as a personal trainer, paying attention to how it’s designed is one of your most important tasks. The goal of any trainer that wants to retain a consistent client base is to understand and […]

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Promotion And Launch Of Joel Marion’s XTreme Fat Loss Diet

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  Uh, oh – just when you thought it was a good time to start work on your e-book, Joel Marion is back to launch another one of his fat-loss programs. In case you don’t know about it, Joel has has been on a tear of breaking the CLICKBANK record on three day promotions since last year, with the launch of his CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN program (first covered on Super-Trainer). By “break” don’t be confused what we’re talking about here – we’re not talking about someone selling a 100 copies of an e-book through a link on the right column of his blog. What we’re talking about is how he organized every big name affiliate together and got them all to take part on an expertly executed promotion that ended up bringing in over 300K in sales! After nearly breaking that number on the re-release of CYWT for the holidays, Joel partnered with John Romaniello to launch Final Phase Fat Loss and utterly smash that number, with sales over $400K in a three day period. If that doesn’t get your heart pumping a little, you’ve got a serious stroke volume. What we’re going to talk about now is Joel’s […]

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