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MIKE BOYLE ON RUNNING A TRAINING BUSINESS – Find out how Mike does it (audio clip from our conversation).

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Some trainers, even the most knowledgeable ones, often get too caught up in the training part of this profession. They think that just additional training knowledge will break them out of the ruts they’re suffering through in their careers. While noone will argue whether a strong background in training is a must, at some point you need to think critically about this as a business. You’ve got to think not only about your body of knowledge, but about your career as well, or you’re never going to have the type of lifestyle that should typify someone in the fitness industry. For me, the breakthrough came when thinking about my own personal image, positioning, and marketing. But on a much bigger scale, I recently got to pick the brain of a guy running not just a private practice, but what could be called a training empire touching nearly every area of Personal Training, Mike Boyle.

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MEET EUGENE THONG, TLT – Top Level Trainer talks about how he does it.

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As a great man once said – “Let me see that THONG” – Or in this case I wanted to talk to him: I’m referring to fellow trainer Eugene Thong. For every trainer out there who gets big-time media coverage, trains a roster of stars, or is selling a new workout machine, there are dozens who you may never hear about but that are making great livings in this business. We call them Top-Level Trainers, and Eugene’s one of them. I first found out about him when I came across his blog while doing research online late one night. I ended up spending the next 3 hours completely engrossed by his in-depth posts, probably more for my own fitness than my clients. You can find it at

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