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I just got over here to sunny California for the big FBS Event!!! And like I promised, there’ll be a few networking events for Super-Trainer readers that are going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking to organize lunch for us on Friday with a special guest for everyone that purchased their ticket for the event through my link, and there will also be a lot of things going on Friday and Saturday night for those of you that want to check out the scene here. If you signed up through my link, just email me here for the special lunch on Friday (remember, I won’t be paying for your meal, but will look to have a special guest attendee to answer any questions you might have). Here’s the email you can reach me at: – And everyone over here in the area, even if you didn’t sign up through my link, please come over to hang out and we’ll surely find some time to meet up and chat. Ha! Heading over to sunny Cali, to a fitness business conference, and getting to hang out with other likeminded trainers – that’s the FITNESS LIFESTYLE at it’s finest!!!

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Hey – I’ve got some good news and bad news – what do you want to hear first? Ok – let’s start with the bad news … You know how I tapped my full list of contacts to assemble the most killer collaboration of TACTICAL information the industry has ever seen for this program? Well I sent most of these guys a copy of the program as a courtesy, just so they knew what an amazing thing they were a part of … And you know what?  I’ve found out they’ve all been promoting the program to their audiences! I mean this is just nuts!  I’ve got a who’s who of the all-star industry gurus all pushing this program for me!  You heard how Nate plugged it on Tuesday on his blog right?  Well Craig Ballantyne, Pat Rigsby, Bedros Keuilian, Steve Hochman, Chris McCombs, and bunch of other top people that knew this thing was jumping off have all started telling their audiences about it! I literally saw a flood of orders today and couldn’t figure out what was going on until I realized what had happened – You realize what this means right?  The TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM has turned […]

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It’s finally here … At 12PM EST today, the most comprehensive program on Personal Training success ever created was launched … By comprehensive, we mean it covers everything – By Personal Training, we’re talking about real, big-money, fitness-lifestyle training – By success, we mean getting to the six-figure level right out of the gate, and taking that even farther through the latest business and career opportunities available to us in fitness – Here it is: THE TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM What can I say about the program that hasn’t been said already?  Plenty – first of all, the official sales page is live and ready for you to check out (I’ll give you the link in a second). There, you’ll find out each of the areas covered in this course.  But now let me give you some info on who else has contributed to this program: Sam Bakhtiar – Former bodybuilding champion, now highly successful training studio owner, Seven-Figure Sam has one of the most profitable practices in the country. Dave Parise – One of the most successful and prolific personal trainers in America with nearly 2 million in gross revenue last year through strictly positive PR, no direct response marketing. […]

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Despite the fact that Nate Green‘s a fitness author, I’m convinced he’s a confirmed alcoholic – because he leaked the sales page to the new TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM on his blog yesterday,  even though it’s still being edited and I clearly told him it wasn’t live yet! I guess I can’t be too mad – he hardly plugs anything on there, but he was really impressed with the advanced copy I sent him to look at … Do you wanna know the funniest part? Two of his readers actually purchased it off of that rough sales page!  I guess they were able to overlook a couple of typos … So I’ve shut down the payment links until tomorrow, when the product goes live at 12 noon eastern time. Since this thing has pretty much officially begun, let me share some more details on what’s in it: 1. Step-by-Step Tactics – I’m sure you’re tired of general information, and there’s a lot of meaning that’s lost in just the printed word.  In the audio and video parts of this program, you’ll hear my voice and watch over my shoulder (literally at times) to see what you have to do right now […]

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Answering Questions And Revealing More Details

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The bonuses are ready, and this thing is all set to go … The TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM is the exclusive new program I’m releasing this week! We have an official launch date set for Thursday April 23, 2009. This program does a few incredible things that have never been done before, and may never be done again in the training industry: Takes a tactical look at Personal Training, showing you how to get immediate results with your training practice (ie. six-figure salary, a manageable training schedule, and doing work you enjoy). But we go even beyond that – here’s what else is inside: Shows you how to take your success as a trainer and leverage it.  We explore every option, from training celebrities, opening bootcamps, starting a high earning studio (where you don’t do the work), creating top selling fitness products, online training and membership sites, information publishing, and traditional publishing … We cover everything to take your career to the next level, from 100K, to 250K, 500K, and beyond.  This is the first program of it’s kind that shows you how to make the jump! And here’s why the program is so special: We go into painstaking detail.  You’ll […]

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