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Despite the fact that Nate Green‘s a fitness author, I’m convinced he’s a confirmed alcoholic – because he leaked the sales page to the new TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM on his blog yesterday,  even though it’s still being edited and I clearly told him it wasn’t live yet!

I guess I can’t be too mad – he hardly plugs anything on there, but he was really impressed with the advanced copy I sent him to look at …

Do you wanna know the funniest part? Two of his readers actually purchased it off of that rough sales page!  I guess they were able to overlook a couple of typos …

So I’ve shut down the payment links until tomorrow, when the product goes live at 12 noon eastern time.

Since this thing has pretty much officially begun, let me share some more details on what’s in it:

The Program Cover1. Step-by-Step Tactics – I’m sure you’re tired of general information, and there’s a lot of meaning that’s lost in just the printed word.  In the audio and video parts of this program, you’ll hear my voice and watch over my shoulder (literally at times) to see what you have to do right now to get your training practice and expansion plans immediately established!

2. World Class Panel – I’ve assembled a who’s who of industry big shots, gurus, and uber-successful professionals to share information relevant to the trainer that’s looking for a six-figure, high-earning practice on their terms.  Again, we deliver tactical information (not the pleasant conversations you hear on the blog), much of which has never been shared before (I’ll fill you in on the list of guest speakers tomorrow).

3. Private CoachingEvery single trainer I’ve coached privately has at least doubled their earnings and achieved explosive growth in a very short time – so I wanted to make sure private coaching was included here too.  You’ll get one-on-one coaching with me, and also revealing conference calls with other program owners to uncover questions and issues you may not have thought of.

I’ll say it again – this program is designed to set you up for real success – for goals so high that you might be embarrassed to admit them to anyone, but you know they’re there, and all you’ve been missing is a plan to achieve them.

Yeah, those are ambitious goals to achieve for a simple program, but that’s exactly what I set out to do with it.  That’s exactly what this program preaches – aim as high as possible, and you’ll be amazed by what you accomplish.

So keep an eye on the blog – tomorrow’s really the day!

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Bad Dog Fitness

22. Apr, 2009

Hey Kaiser

Do you see the Mastermind program getting re-released in the future? I’m absolutely strapped for cash from a family emergency, so I’m not going to be able to pick it up just yet.

[It’s too much like college when you look at the bank account and see a single-digit balance!]

Very happy, though, that I got the TLT Manual while it was out!

If it’s not, I’m sure you’ll have another top-shelf product out eventually. And since I’m not taking on new clients for about six months, I’ll have time to get either the MM or your Next Big Thing.

Cody Stephens
Bad Dog Fitness

Doug G.

22. Apr, 2009

Haha Nate’s hilarious –

Michael Duivis

23. Apr, 2009

Hey Kaiser,

I’m going to refer this product to a WHOLE LOT of gym-trainers who don’t even check the internet.

Ever since you made me quit the gym I’m making more money and I’m working 20% of the hours I used to work….and I have big plans on the horizon. Right now I even feel like I’m ‘slacking’ off sometimes (waking up at 9, California beaches, 2 hour workouts, etc).

In our coaching I remember you telling me I would feel ‘decelerated’ once I finally achieve the Fitness Lifestyle….so I guess this is what you were talking about.

Anyway, my life is really starting to turn upside down man – if I never jumped into your program I’d still be…….ah man I don’t even want to think about that!

Doug G.

23. Apr, 2009

Dude Michael, you work quick! I just checked out your site again — and it looks like you’re doing some big things over there. That’s awesome dude, you’re the man, keep it up.

Yavor Marichkov

23. Apr, 2009

Yeah, Doug – Michael’s site looks great and his latest vid is killer. Taking action fast is probably the number one recommendation of most success coaches (in any industry or field) and that’s what he’s doing…

Michael Duivis

23. Apr, 2009

Yavor & Doug,

Thanks guys – appreciate your comments. Hey are you guys coming to the Fitness Business Summit in LA next weekend?

Totally off-topic….but Yavor, that Sylvester Stallone pic on your site is crazy. Great to see he’s back.

Yavor Marichkov

24. Apr, 2009

Haha, yeah Sly’s in crazy shape. As for the Fitness Business Summit – I think Doug’s going to be there.

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