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Ryan Lee: The Interview (Part 2 of 2)

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If you caught my post last week, you got a little bit of background on buddy Ryan Lee and some of the amazing stuff he’s accomplished … Since then a couple of cool things have happened – first off I recorded a monster interview with Ryan.  Yes, this baby was BAD (bad meaning good).  Ryan hasn’t got to where he is, as first the hands down king of fitness marketing, and now one of the world’s top players in internet marketing, without having a killer instinct … And you’ll get to see some of that in this interview, where Ryan essentially breaks down the entire fitness marketing success blueprint for anyone that has big plans in fitness.  I’ll share the link to that interview with you in a second, but first I’ve got something else to show you, and this is crazy … Ryan has just released the DVDs to his landmark CONTINUITY SUMMIT, and get this, he’s letting you have them for a buck!!! This was hands down the most powerful even I’ve ever been to, and the connections and information I learned there have been paying off for me over and over again since. Stop what you’re doing […]

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Five Difficult Conversations …

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As personal trainers, our jobs for the most part are brain-dead simple.  Sure, we studied, we have certifications and many of us went to college to learn what we know, but here’s the irony … We rarely use any of that advanced info on a day-to-day basis. But personal training isn’t ALL easy. The hard part has to do with everything BESIDES the training.  And one of those hard parts is in our relationships with other people, particularly our clients. And the problem areas in these relationships come down to having some tough, borderline confrontational conversations at times.  Unless you’re planning to be a trainer from a computer in your bedroom (which funny enough, is very possible these days!), you’re going to need to have some of these conversations, and get good at having them. The good news is that you will grow as a person because of them, and learn valuable interpersonal skills that will last you a lifetime.  You learn to stand your own ground, set boundaries, but also be fair and diplomatic.  If you’re feeling uncomfortable or unhappy with your training practice for whatever reason right now, it may be because of a failure to have one […]

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Is RYAN LEE The Most Influential Man In Fitness Today?

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  As I’m getting ready to head over to my bud Bedros’ FITNESS INFO SUMMIT, I got to thinking about fitness, marketing, and the training industry as a whole today … When it comes to fitness and nearly every single training success story in the world today, there’s one person who’s name runs like a vein through all of them: Ryan Lee.   Now you could take Ryan’s role lightly as just a guy that was very talented at reaching people through the web, but if that was the case, you’d be missing his impact entirely. Because there’s hardly a person doing, selling, or accomplishing anything in fitness today that wasn’t hugely influenced by him or one of his disciples. There are the online guys like Craig Ballantyne, Joel Marion, and Mike Geary … There are the fitness entrepreneurs like Marc Lebert, Valerie Waters, and Robert Foster … There are the business leaders like Pat Rigsby, John Spencer Ellis, and Nicki Anderson … Even the people that are anti-marketing swear by him and give him tons of credit – guys like Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, and Alwyn Cosgrove. When you count the amount of business, both offline and online, that […]

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If you’re looking to make your break from a hell-hole big-box gym, one of the fastest and easiest ways is through a deal with an existing private gym.  These places are usually short on good trainers, don’t have a clue on how to sell training (so they don’t even bother), and have a hugely under-served market.  If you’re good at selling sessions in a big gym, getting into to one of these places is like shooting candy from a baby in a barrel. This also saves you the trouble of having to make a website or market your services in your area.  Marketing can be the most time-consuming, “scary”, costly, and highest learning curve parts of doing business for a trainer, and making a deal with a private gym allows you to skip this step. Here’s why: The clients are already there, you just have to bring them in. You just have to understand basic relationship-based personal training sales and some creative in-gym marketing, and you’ll find yourself booked beyond belief. Yes, if you want to make an immediate move to private training, double your income while cutting your hours, not have a boss, and control your own ship, this […]

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If you’re a Personal Trainer, it’s only a matter of time until you’re bit by the BOOTCAMP bug.  Bootcamps have exploded lately, and although they might not be for some people, there are MANY trainers out there that are making a killing at it. And there’s one new, major bootcamp player that’s jumped on the scene and absolutely EXPLODED in a surprisingly short period of time – it’s FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP. THE INSIDE SCOOP ON FIT-BODY You could say I have a unique perspective on FIT-BODY. I was the first person that the program was ever revealed to, back when it was just called PROJECT X.  I’m part of a mastermind with the creators of the program, plus several of the people that are running FIT-BODY locations.  And a number of the charter members are Super-Trainer success stories, like Michael Duivis and CC Mathews, who jumped on the program after hearing about it form me Well a lot has changed since the launch of the program – many trainers have signed up and are running super-successful camps across the world.  To give you some background on the program and the creators, I’m going to share a couple of videos with your […]

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