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Personal Training On A Shoestring Budget

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  You’ve probably heard me refer to Personal Training as this really cool “loop-hole” for fitness enthusiasts.  It’s a way to make excellent money and start a tremendous career doing what comes easy to you already, selling a product that doesn’t require any inventory, and only takes a handful of clients to achieve it. Well that goes for the equipment you need to start a training business, whether it be a studio or on-location training practice.  The truth is you can get started, stocked, and outfitted on a shoestring, and actually position that into a SELLING POINT. That’s not pie-in-the-sky talk, “maybe-so” talk, or marketing talk.  It’s how I’ve always trained, run a training business, and made big money from high-priced private to group sessions, and once you get some of the details, it’ll make sense to you too. I know of a trainer out in New York who’s booked solid at $300 an hour who doesn’t use so much as a jump rope in his workouts, so yes, you can get started on the very, very cheap.  And don’t worry, it won’t be looked at as an inferior way to train – if you frame it correctly, you can […]

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Make?

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  When I first got started as a Personal Trainer, I was excited as hell.  I heard the stories of trainers earning high incomes, charging $100 an hour, looking in shape, and doing what came easy and was fun to them. Could you imagine something more appealing than that? And call me naive, but through the all of the many hard times and months of very little money, I still kept my eyes on that prize until it became a reality.  Since then, I’ve helped more trainers than I can count shave years of their growth track and earn outstanding incomes from training on their own terms. So it wasn’t until I actually got into blogging and leading this “dump the gym” movement that I found out what the real figures were for trainers and their salaries.  When you take a look, you might be a little shocked too: THE STATS According to one broad set of figures, the median annual earnings of Personal Trainers and group exercise instructors in May 2004 was $25,470. The middle 50 percent earned between $17,380 and $40,030. The bottom 10 percent earned less than $14,530 while the top 10 percent earned $55,560 or more. […]

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