Why Super Trainer

Hi Super Trainer,

My name is Sam Bakhtiar, owner of a 7-figure fitness business and several 6-figure businesses.

After years of reading watered down blog posts by INTERNET MARKETERS, who teach FITNESS MARKETING, enough is enough…

The “Fit Biz Experts” preach their “hypothetical” jargon that doesn’t work in real life…

My frustration grew from years of seeing struggling fitness pros trusting and throwing away their hard earn money on dead end short sighted marketing methods. Methods that are detrimental to long term success.

The “gurus” preach that their way is the only way. They never fire tested these methods in their own successful fitness business because…

They never had one.

Life taught me a long time ago that

Reading “guru’s methods” always left me wondering…

If you’re so good then why don’t you drink some of your own “Kool Aid”?

“If you’re franchise is so great; why don’t you own one or two of them”?

If you have the best fat burning workouts on the planet, why are you fat?

My impatience grew…

Never trust a skinny chef…

Never trust a mechanic whose car keeps breaking down…

Never trust a pick up artist who can’t pick up…

The list goes on and on,

You get my point…

Super Trainer is an OPEN platform.

That means anyone can contribute to this blog as long as,

1) YOU provide valuable content that benefits our industry…

2) YOUR content is original…

3) YOUR content is not blatantly promoting without providing real value

Let me be very clear. Super Trainer isn’t a “non profit” platform.

Some gurus out there are preaching that it’s not about the money.

They are full of S***

If it’s not about the money then donate all your proceeds to charity, or give your products away…

If it’s not about the money, then what is it all about?

For me, it’s about my beautiful wife and spoiled baby girl!

What’s the purpose behind my daily grind?

My “why” is working IN and ON my business’s to provide value to fitness professionals just like YOU, so my family gets fed.

Therein lies the purpose for Super Trainer…

Super Trainer is an OPEN and FREE platform for Fitness Professionals around the globe to be heard.

Consider yourself my partner in Super Trainer.

Let’s work together and help change people’s lives

More importantly…

Let’s work together to legitimize our industry…

Let’s get recognized as the health care professionals that we are…

Looking forward meeting and speaking with you soon.

Your colleague and friend,

Sam Bakhtiar

P.S. Together we go BIG or we go home…

P.S.S Make it EPIC ;)!!!


Here’s something from Kaiser:

Hi guys – like you, I just read the “Reasons Why” for Super-Trainer written by my friend Sam Bakhtiar, and I wanted to add to them.

When I started Super-Trainer, my reasons why were to personally learn and grow, push out of my comfort zone, and seek out new challenges.

My reasons for selling it to Sam were the same – it was time for me to get myself dirty off-line again, and practice what I preached.

And to the benefit of the training industry, thousands of trainers worldwide, and for myself and my own business, handing over the reigns to Sam is one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

If you asked me about my thoughts on the subject, here’s what my impression of what Sam’s real reasons for Super-Trainer are …

1. At a young age, he’s developed to a high level of development as an individual, and now feels the need to give back.

2. He isn’t an overnight success, but instead a guy that’s been at the top of this game for years, so speaks from a position of mastery.

3. He has a made conscious effort to become world-class at marketing with the same if not more passion with which he approached his championship bodybuilding career. In my opinion he is one of the top small business marketing strategists in the world.

4. He’s an excellent leader and has the desire to apply that to leading other trainers as well.

5. He’s a fiercely loyal friend and does not take disrespect of this loyalty, or getting stabbed in the back lightly.

6. When he sees gross and blatant injustice and exploitation of others taking place in the fitness marketing world (and he has the time and resources to fight it) he won’t stand on the side lines and let it happen. He’ll step up to the plate and fight it head on

7. Sam is a capitalist, and when he sees a major opportunity in the fitness coaching/marketing world, he jumps on it.

As an outside observer that’s gotten to know Sam and watch the transition of this website happen very closely, this is my take on Sam’s reasons why. I don’t know if he’d agree with my full list, but all in all I fell they point to one thing:

That he’s the top marketer, coach, and strategist for fitness business owners today and Super-Trainer and it’s resources are essential for any trainer that’s committed to being at the top of their game.

The End :-)