Who is 7FigureSam?

Who is 7FigureSam?

Posted on 21. Jul, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

A lot of people coming to this site want to know who is 7Figure Sam and why they should listen to him. So instead of writing a long boring biography I thought I just show you.

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Greg Justice

21. Jul, 2011

Simply Brilliant!

Kaiser Serajuddin

21. Jul, 2011

Say goodbye to your free time man – that coaching program is going to fill up fast.


22. Jul, 2011

Simple but yet extremely effective! Great idea!


22. Jul, 2011

This is so cool Sam, very inspiring! Congratulations.

Dave DePew

22. Jul, 2011

OMG! That is amazing!!!

Emile Jarreau

22. Jul, 2011

Hey Sam,

Nice historical rundown…get ready to blaze some NEW trails brother!

Talk to you later today…



22. Jul, 2011

I LOVE it!!!!! How creative! Absolutely awesome!

Kurt Lee Hurley

22. Jul, 2011

I absolutely loved this post. It was funny, personality driven and concise. Sam, you are truly a man that gets things done. Kudos to you for all of your successes and achievements. You are rare in our industry and I commend you for your contribution. -Kurt Lee Hurley


Randy Woody

22. Jul, 2011

Great story line. Cool.

Law Olivier

22. Jul, 2011

Now that, my friend, is what I call art at it’s best!

Kaiser Serajuddin

22. Jul, 2011

WHO IS SEVEN FIGURE SAM? I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’ve met Sam a few times over the past couple of years, hung with him a little, had numerous phone conversations with him, and we’ve done some minor business together.

But from what I know here’s what I can tell you:

On a personal level, Sam is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Being from New York City, I’ve grown up with and come in contact with major people in the nightlife and entertainment industry, as well as just “street” hustlers that will dwarf anything you see on HBO, and Sam is right up there with being one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met.

But lets get beyond that. Sam is also one of the most maniacally competitive business people you will ever meet. The way the content on this site has shat on the rest of the online space should be case in point of that. And the way he dominates all of his competitors and makes it look easy to the tune of millions in earnings can’t be appreciated unless you are actually in the trenches trying to do it yourself, so trust me, I can appreciate it.

And also, do not understimate the level of athlete Sam is. Sam is only 35, and he’s long sinced left behind a career of dominating probably the most difficult sport on earth, competitive bodybuilding.

All in all, this should make you realize that beyond any knowledge or accomplishments, Sam is just one of those special people that you meet only a few times in life, that can influence you and propel you FAR beyond any of the tactical information he shares with you. You will find, as I have, that simply knowing him and soaking in some of his energy will VASTLY increase your income, attitude, and well being.

Sam, I am glad to finally see you are openly promoting your
coaching program here on the site. I don’t know how you
have the free time, and you obviously don’t need the money, so there is only one reason I can think of for you to be doing this:

It’s out of an intense desire to serve, which in addition to your talent and competetiveness, is what makes you such a valuable mentor. You mentioned that you beneffitted a lot from coaching and mentoring yourself, so I imagine that this is your way of giving back and helping the next generation of trainer/entrepreneurs.

When Sam took over this site from me, something amazing happened in the fitness business. It was the moment that the info being shared in the online space shifted from the Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy jock grabbers (of which I have been and still am to varying degrees) to a person that can stand on his own feet and has his own wealth of knowledge to share.

I’m a big believer that there are just a few small moments or encounters that end up shaping our entire life outcomes. And I think for a lot of people in the fitness business, this could be one of those moments. That’s not hype or sales copy – that’s just my take on what this guy is about. Take it for what you will.


22. Jul, 2011

THANK you ALL for the kind comments. I wouldn’t be here without all the love and support. THANK YOU

@Kaiser: THANK you for giving me my new hobby Super Trainer. Much appreciated and never forget all that you do for me. THANKS

zach even - esh

23. Jul, 2011

that map is SIC, ur a BadMoFo, Sam, what else can be said!!??

Big Al

23. Jul, 2011

That’s fn great! As simple as it is laid out the story has much power. I was thinking the other day how we have become such a visual and symbolism learning society.So Much more since the online and social website boom.
Case in point ! Now I have an idea of who Sam is ,his work ethic ,how he builds dreams and what’s important to him.
Lol taken me longer to write this than get your story.

Michael Duivis

23. Jul, 2011

No waaay – that picture was awesome. I was expecting some sort of txt biography. Like Kaiser said, this is ‘next-level’!


23. Jul, 2011

@Zack, Big Al and Mike D: THANK YOU ALL. Really appreciate all the love and support.

luis font

24. Jul, 2011

You crushed it with that pic!!


24. Jul, 2011

Thanks Luis


16. Aug, 2011

That you for you reactivation technique

Buff Gyal

23. Sep, 2011

I keep seeing your face all over the place, whenever I look up ways to promote my fitness blog. Very inspirational person you are. Seem very goal driven also. Thanks for putting your information like this, to the masses!


27. Sep, 2011

Your graphics spark a lot of ideas.


23. Feb, 2012

LOL, most amazing “About Me” page I’ve seen.

Glad to have stumbled across your blog… now I have three solid fitness resources to read weekly.


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