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Not sure whether to believe the hype about FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP?

Not sure whether to believe the hype about FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP?

If you’re a Personal Trainer, it’s only a matter of time until you’re bit by the BOOTCAMP bug.  Bootcamps have exploded lately, and although they might not be for some people, there are MANY trainers out there that are making a killing at it.

And there’s one new, major bootcamp player that’s jumped on the scene and absolutely EXPLODED in a surprisingly short period of time – it’s FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP.


You could say I have a unique perspective on FIT-BODY. I was the first person that the program was ever revealed to, back when it was just called PROJECT X.  I’m part of a mastermind with the creators of the program, plus several of the people that are running FIT-BODY locations.  And a number of the charter members are Super-Trainer success stories, like Michael Duivis and CC Mathews, who jumped on the program after hearing about it form me

Well a lot has changed since the launch of the program – many trainers have signed up and are running super-successful camps across the world.  To give you some background on the program and the creators, I’m going to share a couple of videos with your right now that will give you a inside look.


Here’s a video that Michael Duivis shot EXCLUSIVELY for Super-Trainer with the creators of FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP, Steve Hochman and Bedros Keuilian.  In it, you’ll get some unique info from these two fitness entrepreneurs on how to DUMP THE GYM and move on to big things:


And I have one more video for you right now – it’s the inside scoop on FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP.  In it you’ll hear directly from Bedros and Steve about what you get with this program.

About the founders, Bedros Keulian is one of the top marketers alive, and having him in your corner as part of FIT-BODY makes the program invaluable.  I rely on him heavily as a resource for ideas with all of the things I have going on, and he never ceases to deliver.

And Steve Hochman is just one of the most gifted success magnets that you will find in the fitness industry, period – I simply have not met another person like him.  If for whatever reason, you’re doubting yourself about whether or not you can make it, Steve will irradicate any pre-conceived blocks you may have to achieving super-success.  I have seen this guy in action and he is a force of nature.

And about the program itslef, I give it my full recommendation. I’m not sure if you realized this when you first got started in fitness, but we’re not playing games here.  The fitness industry is still very young, and this is a special time in it’s history where there are more success tools and opportunities than ever before.  FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP is a part of that.

FIT-BODY officially launches, and for my readers, I have an EXTREMELY POWERFUL bonus that I have for anyone that jumps on it.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Til then watch this killer video, and I’ll fill you in on your SUPER-TRAINER bonus for joining FIT-BODY tomorrow:


Just click the link above to watch the video.

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Lucas Couturier

12. Oct, 2009

Nice article, been working in a gym for a while and planning to go on my own next year.
Thanks for the info

Dave Parise CPT FPTA

13. Oct, 2009

Change the way you think, and you change your world…
Changing your thoughts will change your life. The statement “what we think we will become” or… “What we dwell on we move towards” are facts that give us vision, clarity, and we feel it- so now we do it. Most people live in their “current reality state” this is everyone’s comfort zone. To move away from what we our used to, and change our environment, or habits puts us in an “unaccustomed state”. In this unaccustomed state we are stuck in uncharted territory. When we are out of our comfort zone we look for anything that will drive us back to our current reality and lessen the pain…WE GIVE UP!
We all need from time to time an understanding of who we are and where we want to be. Sometimes our thoughts dictate our actions. Often times we read something and everyone has a different opinion, or definition of what it really says.
Try this: Look at the following word and say the word out loud …

If you said “opportunity nowhere” we need to change you’re thought process. Think before you speak…the word clearly reads opportunity now here. This positive way of looking at things gives us forethought. It gives us a preview of coming attractions. Changing your thoughts changes your life, and world!


Sometimes based on past occurrences we feel like we are stuck and cannot achieve what we would to accomplish. We believe we can’t however it’s a LIE because this is only past circumstances being projecting into your current reality. This subconscious fear is the root cause of dysfunction. If you B E (L I E) V E you cannot achieve something it’s a lie. Our subconscious mind has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is well imagined. We imagine it is too hard, no time, too busy, to stressed, and anything else that puts us back to our comfort zone. Some people try to drive a nail in the wall with the back of a screwdriver. It will work, however it is not the best tool. Our best tool is our mind. You must use your imagination; this sets the stage for a preview of all coming attractions. In conclusion, there is no conclusion…just a continuous cycle of healthy ideas, a balanced lifestyle, and the ability to believe in your abilities. So Believe, Conceive, and you will Achieve!

Or…you can hang with your bros… Tupperware and a gallon agua bottle..chilling and talking to the babes, with hope to get a you can spend $$$ you don’t have…and then when you get frustrated…you can train harder- because that’s what makes you feel better about yourself…and then 10 years from now you can look in the rear view mirror and wonder ‘where did the time go- now what do I do?

Procrastination is the thief of time!!!!

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