As I’m getting ready to head over to my bud Bedros’ FITNESS INFO SUMMIT, I got to thinking about fitness, marketing, and the training industry as a whole today …

When it comes to fitness and nearly every single training success story in the world today, there’s one person who’s name runs like a vein through all of them: Ryan Lee.


Now you could take Ryan’s role lightly as just a guy that was very talented at reaching people through the web, but if that was the case, you’d be missing his impact entirely.

Because there’s hardly a person doing, selling, or accomplishing anything in fitness today that wasn’t hugely influenced by him or one of his disciples.

There are the online guys like Craig Ballantyne, Joel Marion, and Mike Geary …

There are the fitness entrepreneurs like Marc Lebert, Valerie Waters, and Robert Foster …

There are the business leaders like Pat Rigsby, John Spencer Ellis, and Nicki Anderson …

Even the people that are anti-marketing swear by him and give him tons of credit – guys like Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, and Alwyn Cosgrove.

When you count the amount of business, both offline and online, that he’s generated and the number of people that he’s impacted either directly or through the reach of his students, you’ll realize that Ryan’s effect has been mind-blowing.

And all the while, he makes it seem completely effortless.  Ryan’s without a doubt the most humble, down to earth, and open person I’ve ever met.

Hey I’m not a fan – I’ve just got to give credit where credit is due – and the more hip you get to the fitness game and talk to the people in it and ask them how they got their start, the more you realize Ryan’s impact in it.

Ryan has now moved on to the global field of Internet Marketing, but his roots as a trainer make his information directly applicable to us as trainers than anyone else out there.  I would recommend that you go to any event that he is speaking at – fly across the country, take out a loan, whatever it takes.  Ryan has a gift for inspiring and motivating people that’s absolutely incomparable, and I highly advise you to take advantage of it.

On that subject, Ryan’s giving away a few of his killer videos right here – just click the link to check them out:

Ryan Lee Videos

And speaking of videos, here are a few classics from the Super-Trainer archives featuring me and Ryan.  He’ll be making a visit to the blog again soon so don’t be suprised if you hear more from him.


[youtube LJUNGfzYIb0 nolink]

[youtube l_SkMafC_LU nolink]


[youtube 8FoM1WXlK_M nolink]

[youtube AX_yZJl3Fm8 nolink]

[youtube dVbHEdmYJik nolink]

[youtube YNLn9pY69gQ nolink]

I just listened to these audios again and they were absolutely killer – I’d recommend checking them out when you have a chance.

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