The bonuses are ready, and this thing is all set to go …


The TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM is the exclusive new program I’m releasing this week! We have an official launch date set for Thursday April 23, 2009.

This program does a few incredible things that have never been done before, and may never be done again in the training industry:

  • Takes a tactical look at Personal Training, showing you how to get immediate results with your training practice (ie. six-figure salary, a manageable training schedule, and doing work you enjoy).

But we go even beyond that – here’s what else is inside:

  • Shows you how to take your success as a trainer and leverage it.  We explore every option, from training celebrities, opening bootcamps, starting a high earning studio (where you don’t do the work), creating top selling fitness products, online training and membership sites, information publishing, and traditional publishing … We cover everything to take your career to the next level, from 100K, to 250K, 500K, and beyond.  This is the first program of it’s kind that shows you how to make the jump!

And here’s why the program is so special:

  • We go into painstaking detail.  You’ll get no general information here.  The program will show you every resource, tactic, and action step you’ll need to get exactly the results you’re looking for.  We make the entire process idiot proof.

It’s basically a million dollar career in a box  (the only program on Personal Training you’ll ever need):


I’ve been getting a lot of questions since I announced it’s release a few days ago.  Here’s one question I got that sums up the concerns of many of the original customers of THE MANUAL – here it is:

Hey Kaiser! I am very excited to hear that you have the Top-Level Program coming out. I bought the manual that you previously put out and learned a ton. Great Job! Now as far as the program goes, is the same material in the manual covered? I have been training for 4 years now, never in a gym, I have been fortunate but I love that your a regular trainer that is making it. I will keep on supporting!

Al Martinez
Stronger Personal Training

Hey Al –

The first part of the new program will expand on the old manual. It will go into more detail, with step-by-step instructions.  For example, in THE MANUAL we talked about setting up your site – here, we’ll go through every part of it together, like we were working together one-on-one.  We talked about how to set up high earning group sessions in THE MANUAL – here, we’ll go through every step and talk about programming, example routines, etc.

The second part of the program is where things get interesting …

In the DVD set, I go into every one of the areas you can take your training career after you have your training practice established.  This is a career after all, and by definition that means unlimited upward growth.

I’ve pulled the most hard-core information out of the world’s top experts in each area.  I guarantee you have not heard the information they’re sharing here ever before.   And you don’t get pleasant conversations in THE PROGRAM like you do on the blog – here, you’ll get step-by-step blueprints so you can get the same results.  That’s why it’s a DVD – you can watch over my shoulder as I show you how to do it.

So to answer your question clearly Al, you’ll find the course extremely valuable.  I know you’ve already made a tremendous amount of progress just like a lot of the other manual owners, but this will help you go all the way!

That’s why I’m calling this totally unique – there’s never been anything else like it.

So to review, here’s all of the info you need:

The TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM is coming on Thursday, April 23rd at 12 PM EST.  It will be available for only 3 days, until Saturday April 25th.

There will be only 100, individually numbered copies made available.  Each copy comes with 2 months of coaching with me.

For updates on the program and more info of what’s in it, the sales page will be going live on Wednesday 4/22.

Til then, if you have any questions let me know – and just take it easy, because after Thursday things will never be the same!