It’s finally here

At 12PM EST today, the most comprehensive program on Personal Training success ever created was launched …

By comprehensive, we mean it covers everything –

By Personal Training, we’re talking about real, big-money, fitness-lifestyle training –

By success, we mean getting to the six-figure level right out of the gate, and taking that even farther through the latest business and career opportunities available to us in fitness –

Here it is:

The Top-Level Trainer Program


What can I say about the program that hasn’t been said already?  Plenty – first of all, the official sales page is live and ready for you to check out (I’ll give you the link in a second).

There, you’ll find out each of the areas covered in this course.  But now let me give you some info on who else has contributed to this program:

Samman BakhtiarSam Bakhtiar – Former bodybuilding champion, now highly successful training studio owner, Seven-Figure Sam has one of the most profitable practices in the country.

dave-pariseDave Parise – One of the most successful and prolific personal trainers in America with nearly 2 million in gross revenue last year through strictly positive PR, no direct response marketing.

chris-mccombsChris McCombs – The ambassador of the internet marketing world to the fitness industry.  Chris has now emerged as the foremost authority in the world on applying internet marketing to a small training business.

Craig BallantyneCraig Ballantyne – The authority on how to create membership sites, e-books, and Clickbank products.  The man who has brought the highest level concepts in internet marketing to the fitness arena.

bedros keuilianBedros Keulian – Known as the real deal, because his marketing tactics produce results.  A world class marketing and direct response expert.

cheat-your-way-thin-author-joel-marion1Joel Marion – Not even 30 yet, but with six-figures per year in online coaching revenue, a major online product, and a succesful wide-release book.

That’s just a short list of the MANY guest contributors that have jumped on board this ground breaking program.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all of these guys, know about them, and everything about what they know and what they’re trying to offer …

So why would you pay for a new course just to hear all of it again?

Here’s why …

Just like you, I know these guys have a traditional spiel they’re used to delivering …

I own their courses and have talked to them a million times.  I know what they’re selling and the story they’re telling the public.  So right off the bat, I told all of them, I don’t want to hear it.

That’s not what the TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM is going to be about – I want what’s new – I want what’s cutting edge.  I want the trainers to hear what we talk about when the recorders are off, not the same story that gets rehashed ever time you do a guest spot on someone’s blog.

And that’s what we’ve got here.  I’ve got to tell you, some of the info that came out blew me away.  Like I said, I own all of their stuff – and in the TLT PROGRAM, you’ll get the hard-core info that’s not in any of it.

Whenever you invest in any course or program, it’s for those one or two nuggets of info that will make a big difference in your business and life.  That’s how it always works.

Well that’s exactly what I’ve put in this program – it’s a series of those golden pieces of info.

I know who my readers are – I’ve spoken to a lot of them, I know what their problems and concerns, and they’re who I made this program for.

If you’re a reader of my blog, I think you know how we play ball over here.  No chit-chat, no stories about my dog or what I ate last night for dinner.  We’re big boys and girls here that want big things and we want it now.  So believe me when I tell you that when I put this course together, I wasn’t playing games.

Ok – that’s all that needs to be said.  I’ve written an incredibly long sales page, recorded hours of audio and video, and done all the behind the stuff work on this project.  I’m a little tired, and I think what we have here is something that speaks for itself.  If you think it’s for you, grab your copy – if you think it isn’t, that’s fine too (there will always needs to be people on the other side of the bell curve!).

Haha! Thanks for following me on this ride, and I’m looking forward to working with you personally to make all of this talk a reality.

Finally here’s your link:

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