Promotion And Launch Of Joel Marion’s XTreme Fat Loss Diet

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Launching online fitness info products isnt a game, but can sure be a hell of a lot of fun.

Launching online fitness info products for big money isn’t a game, but can sure be a lot of fun.

Uh, oh – just when you thought it was a good time to start work on your e-book, Joel Marion is back to launch another one of his fat-loss programs.

In case you don’t know about it, Joel has has been on a tear of breaking the CLICKBANK record on three day promotions since last year, with the launch of his CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN program (first covered on Super-Trainer).

By “break” don’t be confused what we’re talking about here – we’re not talking about someone selling a 100 copies of an e-book through a link on the right column of his blog.

What we’re talking about is how he organized every big name affiliate together and got them all to take part on an expertly executed promotion that ended up bringing in over 300K in sales!

After nearly breaking that number on the re-release of CYWT for the holidays, Joel partnered with John Romaniello to launch Final Phase Fat Loss and utterly smash that number, with sales over $400K in a three day period.

If that doesn’t get your heart pumping a little, you’ve got a serious stroke volume.

What we’re going to talk about now is Joel’s new program, the X-TREME FAT LOSS DIET. In particular, we’ll talk about the lessons you can learn and how you can apply them to whatever you’re doing, even if it has nothing to do with launching a six-figure e-book.

And you can also learn to take part in Joel’s launch.  The reasons these launches work so well isn’t because Joel’s just a nice guy that people want to do favors for – it’s because there is serious cash in it for you to promote the product to your email list (no matter how small it might be) yourself.  It’s actually the affiliates that make the lions share of the money in any launch, and that can be you so stay tuned.

The first thing you need to know is that the launch of X-TREME FAT LOSS DIET started today, so we’re already a little late.  You can check out the launch page here.

By now I’m sure you’re like most trainers and have developed a customer list.  What you need to do next is point them to the page above with your own CLICKBANK link.  To create a CLICKBANK link, check out this page on CLICKBANK that tells you how to register an account:


Once you have your clickbank ID, substitute in place of the four XXXXs in this special link for Joel’s program below:

Just put your CLICKBANK I.D. in place of the XXXXs and their tracking software will take care of the rest.  Since you get to pick your own CLICKBANK I.D., this process is basically error and idiot proof, and the whole thing should take you under 15 minutes.

Even if you have a list of just a few hundred into a thousand, sending them to the launch page with your link will allow them to recieve the free report that’s part of the launch, as well as get all of the launch emails which are sure to lead to a few sales.

If you need some ideas on writing the email to send your list traffic to the product page, Joel has even written some sample email copy, which you can swipe from here:


Give away free stuff, make money - wash, rinse, repeat.

Give away free stuff, make money – wash, rinse, repeat.

From the info I’ve shared with you above, as well as participating yourself, I can’t think of a better and faster way for you to understand how one of these massive promotions works.  You could spend days sifting through some high priced courses, but there it’s all ther for you right here.  If you have aspirations to do the same kind of thing yourself, it would even be a very smart idea to purchase Joel’s product to learn what’s in it, and how he provides follow up support to his customers.  At ther very least, be sure to sign up on the report page to see how he builds up interest through both his emails and his blog posts – sign up here: X-TREME FAT LOSS DIET.

What you’ve probably figure out by now is that if you have done your homework as Joel has and thought of an idea that people want, and figured out a way to sequence it’s launch to build up hype and interest, all you need now is a lot of traffic coming to the page.

And that comes down to getting people with big email lists to send you their traffic around launch time.

Who are these people with the big email lists, and how do you get them to promote you?  That’s the missing, link (no pun intended) that many people need to bridge, and is what Joel was able to do in order to get his launches off the ground.


The ideal people to partner with are all of the already established interet marketers in the fitness niche.  These are all of the people with e-books that are already selling very well.  You can find out who these people are very easily by doing a search on CLICKBANK in the health and fitness sections – you’ll discover who these people, and if you’ve been active in the fitness industry for a little while, many of the names will sound familiar to you already.

Next, you have to have something to offer.  You always want to approach every relationship with a giving hand.  In Joel’s case, he already had an email list of about 50,000 people (which makes him a good affilliate himself), and he also had the credibility of having written a major bestselling book, THE CHEAT TO LOSE DIET.

In case you didn’t figure it out already, you’ll have to get off your ass and do some work yourself before others will help you.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one will do anything for you unless you do for yourself first.  Once you do that, people will be standing in line to help you out.

But once you’ve hustled, or even while you’re hustling, you need to go out and make those connections.  In this case could be something as simple as promoting Joel’s product and selling a couple dozen copies.  I know many trainers that were able to move several dozen of his book, and then get the connection with him to bounce ideas around with at conferences, and further their own marketing pursuits.

Geting paid to network – sign me up.

So that’s basically it -that’s the formula.  Besides being a formula for success, going to major events, learning about marketing, and networking with other successful people is fun as hell and is a surefire way to suprise yourself by what you’re able to accomplish and how unbelievably fast you’re able to do it.

And putting down your scumbag marketing hat for a second and putting your trainer hat back on, X-TREME FAT LOSS DIET is a great program to run with your clients now as summer approaches.  You can turn this program into an event that all of your clients participate in, that should drum up new business and lead to greater satisfaction.

I remember having to write these fat loss programs out and research them for every single client in the past.  This ebook does the job for you.

So go ahead and jump in on this promo – it should be a monster success – and if you do well, shoot Joel an email, introduce yourself, and let him know about it. He’s one of the coolest guys in this industry, which is obvious in how he gets so many affiliates to promote his products on every one of his launches.

There’s a lot to learn by taking part in something like this.  And unlike in highschool, now we can get paid to learn.  I can’t imagine a better situation than that.

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20. Apr, 2010

I made a sale last time! and met Joel at the Ryan Lee summit – really cull dude and this is free money!


20. Apr, 2010

Kaiser, I have about 300 people on my email list – would it make sense for me to promote this?


20. Apr, 2010

Holy crap! I knew he was making money, but I had no idea it was this much!


21. Apr, 2010

Hey Kaiser – I like your blog, but I’m not so sure about a lot of these ebooks. I’ve checked them out, and heard alot of the other guys talk about writing ebooks, Like Craig, etc, and it all seems really scammy to me.

They just seem like you are trying to pressure people into buying something that was just put together. Maybe I’m all wrong with this, but that’s just the feeling I get. I’d rather have a business I’m proud to stand behind, instead of these ebooks.

Don’t get me wrong – I like your manual and I found it really helpful – to me it looks like you really want to help people out with your info and emails. But alot of this ebook stuff just looks like guys trying to get rich.


22. Apr, 2010

Great post Kaiser.
In the future you can shot one, or interview somebody of this guys for that how they did their research and the whole process of writing an e-book, launching one, and the best ways to affiliates whit somebody.
And Derrick, i think whole idea off learning marketing and all those tips from Kaiser is to become rich:) Or at least make more money doing what you love or can.


29. Apr, 2010

Hey Derrick – I don’t think there’s anything about what these guys do – but they do sell hard to say the least.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are successful because they provide excellent content to their loyal body of followers, and they work extremely hard – there’s nothing get-rich-quick about it –

Hey Z – yeah the research side is an important part – in terms of the market research, I’d recommend everything from interacting with your market through online forums, through a blog, and talking to other people in the industry like potential affiliates, and asking them where they see a gap in the market. Also looking at search numbers on google is some good pure research –

Travis Tucker

30. Apr, 2010

Derrick don’t be a hater – go get yours.


30. Apr, 2010

I see what you guys are saying. I’m not being a hater. And I realize you have to work hard at whatever you do. All I’m saying is that I don’t always like how these guys are doing it. Nothing personal to them or anyone else. Like I said, the feeling I get from Kaiser is that he know what he’s talking about and cares about his customers. The feeling I get from all of the other guys selling the same way, and there are a million of them, is all they care about me. That’s all I’m saying, and again, that’s just my opinion.

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