You can do great things with a passion for fitness today …

You can take an advanced level of fitness knowledge, a commitment to share, and still not compromise your own individuality and personal goals.

That’s always been the mission of this blog.  And in this post I’ve got a guy that emexplifies it, John Romaniello.

John’s a fellow trainer from New York and he’s chosen to advance and expand his career in the newest and arguably most attractive way that trainers have in front of them today – the internet.

With his new FINAL PHASE FAT-LOSS PROGRAM, John’s created a unique program that fills a definite gap in the market and allows John to to teach an area that he has come to specialize in, extreme fat loss.

You’ll find out all about John’s program and some background info on him below:


Hey John – first off I want to give you a big congrats on everything you’ve accomplished in the past few months – you seemingly came out of nowhere and have quickly established yourself as an online celebrity. I want to ask you all about the current things you’re up to, especially your new FINAL PHASE FAT LOSS PROGRAM, but before we get to that, what were your origins in the professional side of the fitness industry like?

Thanks so much, Kaiser, I really appreciate it. I certainly wouldn’t call myself celebrity of an kind, but thankfully I’m enjoying some success right.

In terms of my origins–I’ve been training for about 8 years now. Like many other people I was unhappy with my body, (kind of a fat kid) and when I changed it–get reay for the incredibly lame cliche–it changed my life. So I started learning everything I could about training, got a few certifications, and have been helping clients ever since.

In that time, I started writing for a few magazines, got involved with fitness modeling, and really built a successful trainig business in which I train a lot of models, athletes, etc. More recently, I’ve brought my business online and have been running a great Coaching Program in addition to getting ready to release the book.

It seems like the old course in fitness was going from trainer to a business or gym owner if you were lucky – now we have a new path of which you’re an example, where you can take your fitness information and inform and educate a worldwide audience through the internet – how does it feel breaking new ground?

Ha! I wouldn’t say I’m breaking new ground, I’ve just been lucky enough to follow in the footsteps of some great people and found my own niche where I can be successful. It feels great, though, to be able to communicate directly with so many people and get to train people outside of New York. It’s just awesome, everything about it is cool.

With anything you publish, whether in print and especially online, you have to differentiate it from everything else out there in order for it to succeed – with FINAL PHASE FAT LOSS, it seems you’ve done that – what’s unique about your program?

Well, a lot. But the main thing is that it’s a program designed specifically to do one of two things: 1) break through a fat loss plateau, 2) help you lose the last 10 pounds. In either of those situations, you can’t use traditional fat loss programming, the game is just different. So FPFL is designed to address those issues.

The thing that makes all of my fat loss programs unique–and in particular FPFL–is that I always use various training methods withing the context of a given training week. It’s just a more effective way to program. You have a much better chance of staying ahead of the adaptive curve if you change not only the workout, but the very type of workout, frequently

FINAL PHASE FAT LOSS uses 4 training styles rotating over a given week, we address not only the traditional fat loss needs, but also touch on some hormonal stuff. Simply put, it’s a fat loss program like none that’s been written before.

Your blog at has got to be one of the most entertaining around – you’ve got your own voice and deliver tons of useful information as well, which I think is the best way to teach – what is the role and importance of a blog today for anyone in fitness?

Oh, thanks man! I’m glad you’re enjoying it; I really have a lot of fun with the blog. Blogs of vital importance now. I’m a young guy, but even in the relatively short term of my experience in the fitness industry, I’ve seen things change radically. As you touched on earlier, the online game is just getting off the ground, but it’s extremely mobile. And this is a good thing.

Ten years ago, if you were a great trainer with good ideas, the only way to get your voice out there was to try to get published. You could either attempt to get your stuff into Men’s Health or other magazines, or try to write a book and get that published. At the time, there weren’t as many fitness professionals, as the business was still smaller then. So your chances of getting something like that to happen were better.

Now, there are SO many trainers that things have tightened up. It’s so difficult to get published now, because there are just too many great voices vying for only a few spots. After all, Men’s Health only comes out once a month, an they only have so much space to fill. So it’s really hard to get in.

Blogs, therefore, are important for two reasons. Firstly, it gives you a way to have YOUR voice, YOUR way–as you pointed out with me–and share it with people immediately. It’s fast and more personal than print. It’s a way that nearly anyone can put their information out there; whether that’s good or bad is of course dependent on the person and the information but I would say blogs are necessary.

Secondly, a blog serves as your resume. If you ARE trying to get published someone (be it print or an online magazine), having your blog to refer back to gives editors a much better idea of what you’re capable of than any writing sample. It’s a living, breathing, dynamically changing resume. It’s always up to date, showcases your best (and worst) in terms of both content and communicative ability, and really shows whether you can hack it.

I’m sure you CAN be successful in the fitness industry without a blog, but I think it’s a lot harder. And they’re fun, so why not just have one?

Good luck with your program man – for the trainers that want to get involved with your big launch starting on Monday, what do they have to do to see how the whole things works for themselves, and also probably walk away with at least a few hundred dollars?

Thanks so much, Kaiser. What they need to do is download and read the free report, and understand that this is going to be something more than just a launch. It’s a game changer. This isn’t a program that is going to be a blip on the radar.

FINAL PHASE FAT LOSS is going to be THE go-to program for anyone trying to lose the last few pounds, pretty much going forward from here. And nearly all trainers have clients in that position. It’s a natural fit.


To check out John’s new program, be sure to get in on the free gifts you can find right here: FINAL PHASE FAT LOSS.

If you want to know how you can promote John’s product and earn at least a few hundred dollars by recommending it to your clients, customers, and email list or on your blog, it’s all explained in this previous post:  This would be a great time to get your feet wet and involved in online fitness marketing yourself, if you haven’t already.

And John’s got one of the best blog’s in the business – you can find it right here: Fat Loss With John Romaniello.