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cheat your way thin holiday editionI don’t want to brag about being a superstar blogger or anything like that, but consider yourself lucky for being a reader of SUPER-TRAINER ….

Talk to even your above average to advanced trainer and they’re ignorant to the success strategies and fitness career opportunities that I’m sure have probably become second nature to you as a result of being a part of this blog.

And one thing I’m sure you’re becoming hip to is the WILD potential for you to expand and profit from your fitness knowledge online.  We’ve talked to and explored this subject in detail in the past, and if you haven’t taken action yet, here’s your chance …

Joel Marion, who’s emerged as hands down the biggest player in FITNESS ONLINE is re-releasing his program CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN in a special edition for the holidays.  This is his bestselling fitness program that makes calorie rotation for fat loss accessible to everyone.

Here’s how you can promote the product, make a ton of money for about 15 minutes of work, and learn some priceless lessons in the process.

1.  Sign up for an account on CLICKBANK ( Getting an account on CLICKBANK is a two minute process that is an experience in itself.  Once you’re a member, you can start to look around at some of the products and how they are sold.  Pay specific attention to the fitness products that are on there.  The ones that are at the top do over a million dollars in sales a year, so there are definitely a few lessons you can learn from them and apply them to whatever you’re doing.

Chose a “nickname” and password for you account – you’ll need your nickname in the next step ..

2. Remember your CLICKBANK nickname. Once you have this nickname, type it in here in here in place of the X’s to create your affiliate link:

Wala!  You now have an affiliate link and can start making money.  Any time someone clicks your link, you will get 75% of the sale for anyone that buys Joel’s product (that’s between $30 and $75 for every sale!).  CLICKBANK handles the whole thing by placing a cookie on your customer’s computer – just one click is all it takes.

3. Promote the product. Are you tired of explaining proper eating principles to your clients every time?  Are you tired of answering their questions about when it’s okay to cheat?  Then send them your link to Joel’s excellent product (there’s a lot of crap out their – this program isn’t one of them).

This also goes for past clients, prospects, email inquiries, and friends.  Anyone you know that can benefit from sound eating principles is a good candidate for CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN.

4.  Make sure you send them to Joel’s page ASAP to join the launch list. And make sure you join the list yourself so you can see the launch process for Joel’s program firsthand.   The launch process is key – it’s how he broke all records with his last launch (doing over $300,000 net in only 3 days).  You will get an education on how to build interest on a product and how to sell fitness information.  To join the list yourself, here’s the link to the sign-up page.

5.  All you have to do is send your customers to the page using your link. Joel’s launch sequence and CLICKBANK’s tracking system will make sure you get paid.  Just simply write a post about it on your blog, send an email to your list, and Joel will take care of the rest (by the way, Joel has written the email or blog copy for you already – you can find it here:

There you have it – you’ll get to find out about affiliate marketing, get an account at CLICKBANK, and probably make a few hundred bucks off of just 15 minutes of “work”.

I recommend you buy the product too yourself.  You can see what a high quality product that sells like crazy looks like, and you will also get to see Joel’s follow up sequence for customers which is top notch and you’ll learn a lot from.

So checkout CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN first yourself right here and sign-up for the list: CYWT HOLIDAY EDITION.

And you have all of the other steps to get involved listed above.

Don’t procrastinate – if this sounds like something you want to do, take action now.  That’s the only way you’ll make progress – and remember, you have to send your emails ASAP so that your customers get in on the launch process so don’t wait.

And after you make your first million, you can send me a thank you letter (and a check!)

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Barbara Bryant

09. Nov, 2009

Kaiser: You’ve got a heck of a site goin’ here. I have a chance to write an article about how to run a personal training biz (if no one grabs it first). I found it daunting (I can address more modest issues, such as how to launch an individual PT career but, runnin’ the whole show? Yikes!) But, your site makes me think I might be able to pull the big-pic article off, too (and, of course, I’d cite your site). I need to study up; on that assignment and the holiday fat loss book. (I’ve already done a newsletter items on 10 ways to keep from over-indulging during Thanksgiving). I need to really study up, here. Thanks for bringing me into the fold. I hope to learn and contribute more, anon. Appreciatively, Barbara Bryant

Roy Gutierrez

09. Nov, 2009

Thanks for the info Kaiser…you’re the best!!!

Summer Johnson

10. Nov, 2009

Thanks for the tip Kaiser! This will be a great learning experience, I’ve head good things about him. :)


10. Nov, 2009

Glad everyone got so much out of this post – yeah, the best way to learn something is to actually do it – so getting involved in this launch yourself will be a better learning experience than months of reading up and planning without taking action – good luck to everyone including Joel!

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