Even though theyre called BOOTCAMPS, most fitness bootcamps have nothing to do with the military.  Just like this picture has nothing to do with fitness.

Even though they’re called BOOTCAMPS, most fitness bootcamps have nothing to do with the military. Just like this picture has nothing to do with fitness.

Personal Training is the best way to start a simple training practice paying you high hourly rates -you need about a dozen clients to earn pretty damn close to six figures.  Just make sure that even when things are small, you stay smart and treat it like a real business.

From there you can grow into semi-private sessions, and even larger than that are bootcamps.  But the process is much easier said than done, which is obvious to anyone that’s started one.  Getting and retaining clients in today’s competitive marketplace isn’t as easy as it’s often made out.  Also, not all trainers are suited to starting a bootcamp because of their personalities and career goals.

I got to thinking about this subject because of a recent feature I saw in PFP Magazine discussing the pros and cons of fitness bootcamps.  One of the experts featured in that article was Georgette Pann.  Georgette’s a veteran in this business, and has been running her own packed bootcamps and teaching trainers how to succeed with them for some time. She’s also the creator of the all time highest selling bootcamp toolkit, SURE VICTORY BOOTCAMPS, and has taught tens of thousands of trainers how to start fitness bootcamps through her bootcamp owners membership site.

I got in touch with Georgette about the article, and in keeping with the type of insider info you’re used to on Super-Trainer, I got Georgette to actually send over the questions she was asked by PFP Magazine, and she sent me her answers too.  In this Q + A you’ll get some provocative questions and Georgette’s take on the state of bootcamps today.

There are a lot of trainers doing really well with their own fitness bootcamps, but is it right for you?  You be the judge.  And if you want some info on how to succeed with bootcamps, get your hand on Georgette’s program that’s already sold thousands of copies: THE SURE VICTORY FITNESS BOOTCAMP KIT.


The Evolution of Fitness Boot Camps

PFP panel of experts article – March 2010

1. When was your boot camp developed? Is it licensed, franchised, or independent? Who is the target market for your boot camp? What was the need that you recognized in fitness that prompted you to start your boot camp?

NutriFitnessLLC /Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamps are independent and target largly to the baby boomer. We saw the need in our area for a new and innovative way to train in 2004-2005 as a result simultaneously started NutriFitness personal training studio along with starting fitness bootcamps…both these were totally new to my local area

2. How is your boot camp different than the others that are out there?

In our case we jumped on this style of training and were the first fitness bootcamps in our local area. Being the first or “original”fitness bootcamp in your area is a huge plus from a marketing standpoint.

Our style of training includes not only bodyweight training but we also make use of innovative equipement such as TRX, Lebert Equalizers Ropes,Tires, sled (proweler), etc. for an added dimension as well as offering customized meal plans and an indoor/outdoor bootcamp option.

3. It seems that there is a boot camp now on every corner. Is the market saturated? Where will future growth come from for boot camp operators?

I feel the market is not saturated at this point but in some larger cities it can be an issue so my advice would be to niche out your camps..kids camps,athletic bootcamps,womans/mens only camps, senior camps,corporate bootcamps etc. The other more obvious advice would be to get your campers results and add that social proof,since word of mouth is best form of advertising

Jazzercise, anyone?

Jazzercise, anyone?

4. Is boot camp a fitness fad that will eventually play itself out (like Jazzercise), or is it a form of exercise that will continue to grow and evolve? If the latter, how so?

Bootcamps will continue to grow and evolve..it is no more of a fitness fad than small group training or partner training.These are just ways to not only help the trainer leverage their time but to help offer the client a more affordable solution to reaching their fitness goals

5. Do you believe boot camps will continue to segment the populations they serve in order to differentiate themselves?

Personally I looked at my demographics and have experimented with offering youth and senior camps,as well as athletic camps..and more importantly I see a huge opportunity for corporate bootcamps and we are developing that right now for 2010.

6. Boot camps have been great for fitness professionals who want to run a program of their own without the overhead of a studio or gym. Do you foresee continued demand from independent trainers? How are they maneuvering to stay ahead of the big gyms that offer boot camps as just another revenue stream?

I see more of a demand from independent trainers as they can position themselves to joint venture with the big gyms and run their camps as well.

7. What qualities – within the coach, the program, and the market – make a lasting and lucrative boot camp?

8.  The coach/trainer must not only be comfortable training groups but have high energy,they must be able to think on their feet and adapt to situations quickly…if the program is to be successful you must spend time planning out your vision as well as planning your specifics(where,when,how),planning your workout programs and getting clients results is top priority. The market is not only there but growing,as fitness bootcamps are more affordable,fun, and offer group support all while getting clients to their goals most efficiently!

What does 2010 hold for fitness boot camps? Describe what the boot camp landscape will look like in 5 years.

I see the bootcamp business continuing to grow with trends leaning to corporate fitness and wellness

Georgette Pann, BS,CSN,CPT,LPTA

Georgette Pann: owner of NutriFitness LLC. http://thenutrifitness.com She has 20+ years experience in the Health and Fitness field with expertise in fitness bootcamps.She is author and creator of the best selling “Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit” at http://thefitnessbootcamp.com and The Fitness Bootcamp Inner Circle community for fitness bootcamp trainers at http://thefitnessbootcampinnercircle.com

Also just released:Volume2 Sure Results:The Ultimate Book Of Boot Camp Workouts http://fitnessbootcampworkout.com and Customized Fitness Bootcamp Marketing Materials at http://fitnessbootcampmarketing.com



Got you thinking huh?  It would be good to ask yourself these questions too before you get started.  And if you do decide bootcamps are right for you, just be sure to give them everything you’ve got.