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Styles important, but sometimes you can go overboard.

Style’s important, but sometimes you can go overboard.

“What usually wins fights is not so much style as content.”

A.J. Liebling (famous American journalist)

I would have to agree with A.J. – it’s usually substance that wins over style, hype, and flash in most battles – not just in the fight game, but in getting started with your personal training business as well.

That being said, style still has it’s importance.  Think of it like meeting someone at a bar or club – whether or not you pursue a relationship with that person is based on substance, but the game is over before it starts if the style does not suit your tastes.

What we’re talking about here are the marketing materials that represent you and your fitness business and every aspect of it, from your business cards to your website and product images.  Although your long term success depends on your substance, the face you put out to the world can have a big impact on the results you get.

Even when it comes to your direct response pieces, that may be heavy on long sales copy, don’t ignore the importance of appearance.  I think this was said best by the legendary direct response copywriter Gary Halbert.  Gary, a genius at storytelling and descriptive long copy, talks about an effect that goes on in the brain before the customer reads a single word on the page …

There is a very basic phenomenon the moment someone views a marketing piece.  If the appearance is positive, the pupil’s dilate and the person becomes open to engaging the piece (or website) and finding out what it’s about.  However, if the appearance is negative, they won’t even give it a chance.

We’ve talked about the importance of appearance to demonstrate your expertise in training, but it’s clear this is something to keep in mind in all aspects of your business.


On that subject, back by popular demand are the Super-Trainer Graphics Services.

If you are a reader of this blog for some time, you may have noticed when we featured this service last year.  If you’ve tried the Graphics Services in the past, you fall into either one of two categories – either exceedingly happy with your results and our quick turn around time, or a little miffed that you project took a little too long.

If you fall into the second category, it’s a result of the overwhelming demand we get every time we open up this service.  The fitness industry has never been more entrepreneurial than it is today, and this seems especially to be the case with the thousands of readers on the Super-Trainer email list.

That’s why I recommend if you have a project you’d like to get completed, to get your order in as soon as possible, and allow up to 10 days for the completion of your project.

To find out everything we offer as part of these services, you can visit the description page right here.  And for your convenience, I’ve included the entire page below.

For this week only (until Friday April 30) we are giving a $20 rebate on new orders.  This is in addition to the already ridiculously low prices on the Super-Trainer Graphics Services.

Why are we doing this?  To show you that we’ve got the goods.  So again, if you have a logo, business card, website or blog header, info product, website sign-up box, or anything else that needs to get done, please avoid the waiting list and get your orders in asap, especially this week to take advantage of the rebate.  Here’s all the info you need to get started:

From talking personally with hundreds of trainers all over the world, here’s what I’ve found out:

That one of the biggest things stopping them from starting their businesses or completing their projects are their designs. I’ve heard horror stories of projects taking months to finish, with over five hundred dollars being spent just to finish a simple logo.

That’s why I brought together a graphics and design service that’s world-class, fast, and inexpensive all at the same time. You’ll be able to get top of the line logos, headers, cards, and more, that you can be proud of.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from completing your projects on time, at a level of quality that will result in big-time sales, what will you be able to accomplish?

Image is everything. It’s how people perceive your business and how you feel about yourself. You can now get a top quality logo from Super-Trainer at a fraction of what you would pay anywhere on the web, even the discount design workshops. But with us, you’ll get a quality of work and service that can’t be matched at 10 times the price.

Just click the button below to begin – you will receive detailed instructions after placing your order.
(Note: First revision is free. Major revisions are only $15 after that. Minor revisions are only $5.)

If you have any questions or special instructions email

It’s hard to do business without a proper business card..

And today, the stakes are higher: your business card needs to be a full blown advertisement, clearly expressing the image and products of your fitness business.

You can now get a dynamic, graphic business card designed to your exact preferences, whatever they may be. Include your picture, all of your info, and an offer that will make hard for people to say no.

Just click the button below to begin – you will receive detailed instructions after placing your order.
First revision is free. Major revisions are only $15 after that. Minor revisions are only $5)

If you have any questions or special instructions email

Your site doesn’t need a lot of flash or animation – all it needs is a well designed header...

Whether you have a training business, an online coaching program, or an information product, your header will tell the story as soon as your customers land. Get your own custom designed header, and start earning money without anything standing in your way.

Just click the button below to begin – you will receive detailed instructions after placing your order.
First revision is free. Major revisions are only $15 after that. Minor revisions are only $5)

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Like it or not, we all judge books by their covers...

Having a well designed virtual image to an information product can boost sales tremendously, and you’ll also see a big bump with good packaging on your hard products. Get world class designs on your next product and let your marketing handle the rest.

Just click the button below to begin – you will receive detailed instructions after placing your order.
First revision is free. Major revisions are only $15 after that. Minor revisions are only $5)

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Whatever you need designed, no matter how far out there, we can handle it. And we have special prices for bulk orders, so don’t be afraid to ask.. There’s really nothing stopping you now from a world class image on your next project.

To send us your special order and for pricing info, please click the button below:

If you have any questions or special instructions email

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29. Apr, 2010

Good stuff bro –


29. Apr, 2010

Awesome service man – I;m in that category of spending way too much on my designs – I;ll be sure to contact you when I need to get my designs from now on –


29. Apr, 2010

Hey Kaiser!really cool service – I want to get an opt-in and header for you on my site.

I just have a question about integrating it into my blog. Can you guys do that for me? And if so, does it cost extra?


29. Apr, 2010

More great products from you Kaiser- looks really sweet. This should really help a lot of trainers out. I’ve been totally burned on my stuff in the past. Wish I knew about this site back then, and I’ll make sure to use it next time.


29. Apr, 2010

Really awesome Kaiser – I was about to send you an email about where you get your design services done … now i know!


30. Apr, 2010

I love the post and awesome service. Your blog is terrific and I really look forward to reading it every week. I can’t tell you how much confidence and clarity it’s given me. Thanks for all you do! – Jess


30. Apr, 2010

If you are having any doubt about Kaiser’s Design Team….DON’!!!. After a local designer designed my logo, I had Kasiers’s team do the header of my website.

Foe the price that was paid, I feel I made a nice investment:)


30. Apr, 2010

Good post dude. And yup, I can vouce for the graphic designs – killer.

Travis Tucker

30. Apr, 2010

Too slick dude how you sneak that sales message in there. Hey, it works cause I bought your book. You’re stuff is legit so keep doing your thing. – Tucker

Mike Behnken

04. May, 2010

Style is more important than substance for personal trainers but the personal trainers that have both nailed down are the ones who make the serious bread.


05. May, 2010

Great post, there are trainers that think that they can get by with substance alone. They do not have any style and wonder why they are broke. People are visual, that is one reason they are going to a trainer, they want to improve their style. You need to bring people in on style and keep them with substance.


05. May, 2010

Great two cents J – couldn’t have summed it up any better –


06. May, 2010

ps – just got my designs – awesome! Thanks Kaiser and say thank you to your team :-)


11. May, 2010

You’re like a mind reader on these posts Kaiser – I’ve really got to hand it to you.
On the style and substance issue, my first gym failed because I was really heavy on the substance. I bought in to a national franchise (not to be named) and did everything by the book, but couldn’t make ends meet.
Now I’m heavy by the books, but we do a lot more promoting and have way more fun with the business. We let loose and give things much more flavor – and you know what? Business is booming, even during the recession (although they have slowed down a bit).
Thanks for the great articles and keep doing what you do brother.


24. May, 2010

Hey not sure where to post this so I’ll just do it right here. I just got my designs for the graphics services and they were amazing! I really would have paid 10 times as much as I did for the work I got. I just wanted to say thanks to Kaiser and Andi for the great work. I’m so happy I found this site.

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