This event is absolutely nuts!

I’m having a blast hanging out with Kaiser and helping Ryan out with the event.

Everyone here is extremely nice – I almost feel like a VIP like I’m fitting in already, which is kind of crazy..

It’s very hard to consider this weekend work in the traditional sense, but since there’s money involved, I guess you’d have to call it that. Anyway, here are a few more video updates – With the videos, we’re trying to get you the more exclusive, behind-the-scenes type of stuff so that you can get a true feel for what actually goes on in these events during the times between speakers (which I’ve learned is actually the most valuable time).

Check out the footage below..

Here’s Joel Marion, who’s brining back the e-book as a way to make serious money in fitness:

[youtube Y6OKp2l7Vfo nolink]

Alex Moroko talks about how anyone in fitness can easily make a product:

[youtube OLLGziNSmgA nolink]

You’re in for a special treat with Kaiser and world famous author Mark Victor Hanson. (Watch Mark punk Kaiser at the end!)

[youtube Ya4TWHmm3aM nolink]

We met this 20 year old genius marketer at the bar Friday night – hilarious:

[youtube eKhSiKF7rqI nolink]

And this was only Friday!