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The Fitness Business Summit Aftermath

Posted on 10. May, 2009 by .


It’s been almost a week that I’ve been back from the Fitness Business Summit, the event Bedros Keuilian threw out in Anaheim last weekend.  Over three hundred of the industry’s finest showed up, and with the crowd and presenters included, the whole thing was bananas. And from my end, things were even more crazy – the event itself was just a backdrop for everything that went on.  For the first time I met a lot of industry heavy-hitters who I’ve gotten to know but have never met in the flesh.  And I also got to connect with a lot of the blog readers and people I’ve made friends with online.  The social part of the weekend was even bigger than anything I learned. With all the hanging with friends, eating, and  partying, you almost forget there was a conference going on in the background! Here’s a full recount of the weekend: Thursday, April 30 Thursday was real cool.  Me and Doug Groce, who you probably know from the blog and is someone really on the rise in the inside of the fitness marketing world, met up at the airport because our flights were arriving at the same time.  Me and […]

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Posted on 30. Apr, 2009 by .


I just got over here to sunny California for the big FBS Event!!! And like I promised, there’ll be a few networking events for Super-Trainer readers that are going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking to organize lunch for us on Friday with a special guest for everyone that purchased their ticket for the event through my link, and there will also be a lot of things going on Friday and Saturday night for those of you that want to check out the scene here. If you signed up through my link, just email me here for the special lunch on Friday (remember, I won’t be paying for your meal, but will look to have a special guest attendee to answer any questions you might have). Here’s the email you can reach me at: – And everyone over here in the area, even if you didn’t sign up through my link, please come over to hang out and we’ll surely find some time to meet up and chat. Ha! Heading over to sunny Cali, to a fitness business conference, and getting to hang out with other likeminded trainers – that’s the FITNESS LIFESTYLE at it’s finest!!!

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Posted on 05. Apr, 2009 by .


Normally, we’d say if a trainer had only one client, she or he wasn’t doing too good … But I talked to a trainer recently that you could describe exactly like that, with just one client, who’s at the top of his game – That man was Jay Cardiello, the private, live-in trainer to 50 Cent – If that doesn’t sound like the strangest, most exciting, challenging, stressful, and maybe even dangerous training situation you’ve heard about on this blog or anywhere else, I don’t know what is … Ha! But before you go looking for a gig like this yourself, pay attention to what Jay has to say about it – Because there was a lot of dues-paying beforehand, and a lot of work that goes into it now.  Believe that Jay sacrifices plenty for this challenging and rewarding work arrangement. And by challenging, you just have to understand what’s riding on Jay’s shoulders – he’s responsible for a major part of  the image of one of the most marketable stars in the world today. As you could imagine, I had to find out everything about what Jay’s up to, and he was extremely open in talking about his […]

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“Built For Show” author Nate Green

Posted on 28. Mar, 2009 by .


Just like Sinatra used to say, at the end of the day, when you’ve made it, you want to say “I did it my way” … One guy really taking that to heart in the fitness industry is NATE GREEN. Instead of trying to fit anyone else’s mold on what it mean to be in fitness, Nate’s does his own thing – but he goes so hard and pushes at such a high level, that he makes it work.  With his book Built for Show now in book stores, other big projects in the works, along with his usual gig over at T-Nation, you might say Nate’s having more fun than anyone else in fitness (maybe even me).  But some of the biggest names in the industry have got his back, so it’s obviously not just all play and no work for him. I was glad to have Nate back on the blog, this time for a full audio conversation, to share what’s new and to give more insights into the beliefs that drive him.  He’s an unlikely but very timely role model for all the new trainers who want to get started in this business and turn it into […]

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CRIME PAYS!!! Looking At the “HUSTLE” of Personal Training – The gangster mind-set it takes to succeed in fitness …

Posted on 25. Jan, 2009 by .


This blog is all about showing you the potential in Personal Training. The fact is not everyone’s slaving at a big-box health-club! There are some trainers that aren’t working in the typical gym setting – they’re doing it on their own, earning tremendous incomes and living outstanding lifestyles. But we’re going to shift gears for a minute and talk about a different career track: organized crime! Have you ever noticed how organized crime is glorified in entertainment and the media? Stop and think about some of the most popular movies of all time: Scarface, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Ocean’s 11. The list could go on and on. Have you ever asked yourself why?

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