the-world-is-yoursThis blog is all about showing you the potential in Personal Training. The fact is not everyone’s slaving at a big-box health-club! There are some trainers that aren’t working in the typical gym setting – they’re doing it on their own, earning tremendous incomes and living outstanding lifestyles.

But we’re going to shift gears for a minute and talk about a different career track: organized crime!

Have you ever noticed how organized crime is glorified in entertainment and the media?

Stop and think about some of the most popular movies of all time: Scarface, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Ocean’s 11. The list could go on and on.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Why was Al Capone treated like a celebrity by the media during his time? The same with John Gotti?

Why do we root for Tony Montana in Scarface? Why is he considered the “hero”?

Why is Barack Obama’s favorite movie The Godfather?

Why was The Sopranos one of the most popular television shows of all time?

It’s because on a certain level we all crave the freedom and excitement of the criminal lifestyle. It appears to be outside of the typical b.s. of normal life.

There appears to be money, sex, and excitement to it. The promise of something for nothing –

It’s based on balls and respect, dominance, social savvy and the promise of interacting with other high-level people.

No kissing ass –

No taking orders –

No doing what you don’t want to do –

the-criminal-lifeIs this the reality? Haha – not quite! The Sopranos was the first show to go into how dysfunctional and un-glamorous it can be. And I can tell you from first-hand experience growing up on the streets of New York City that not everyone makes it out squeaky clean – there are many casualties, one way or another.

But despite all of this, the public’s taste in entertainment hasn’t changed – they still want the escape and crave the freedom that makes the criminal life so appealing.

When it comes to real life criminal activity it’s a lie –but when it comes to Personal Training, it isn’t.

I’ve always been amazed myself by the parallels – yes, I’m being serious. There’s a definite “hustle” to Personal Training. It’s based on your drive, presentation, connections, and a hundred other little things that fall outside of the framework of “work as usual”.

Personal Training has all the same parrallels to it as a free-wheeling criminal lifestyle – of course without the guns, violence, and jail time – a big plus!

Whether you’re Tony Montana or a Top-Level-Trainer, it requires:

  • Courage – You need courage when you decide to dump the gym in the first place. After that, the constant challenge of running your own practice requires a constant stream of inventiveness – because whether you get paid or not is all up to you!
  • Respect – You learn about giving and getting respect – otherwise, clients and others will walk all over you. And you realize that nobody values your time, energy, lifestyle, and income more than you, so you’re forced to quickly learn to respect yourself.
  • Networking – You learn to network with other gym owners, health professionals, potential high-end clients, other business owners, etc. It’s almost your responsibility to show up at the hottest social gatherings in order to show your clients how it’s done!
  • Lifestyle – The characters in these gangster movies wouldn’t be so appealing if they didn’t have that extra lifestyle element going for them. As a Top-Level-Trainer, you’re living a lifestyle that a lot of other people can only dream of – doing what you’re passionate about, getting paid for it, and having plenty of free time to pursue other interests.

gangster-magazineWith Al Capone, his career allowed him to have influence over others, dress in the finest clothing, dine at the best restaurants, and attract plenty of attention from women. You could say it was built into his job description.

I can’t think of any legal career that has the same benefits except for Personal Training. Maybe owning a nightclub, but that has huge barriers to entry. With Personal Training there are no barriers to entry – you just need a certification and that’s it.

Of course it’s not that easy – just like hustling, Personal Training requires a lot of street smarts. In my case, I started out doing Personal Training by the book and experienced a lot of frustration for years. It’s only when I began looking for inside information from other trainer that had the lifestyle and money I wanted that I started to learn how you can make this amazing job work for you. A career that has a high hourly income, only needs a few clients to be successful, and relies largely on your personality and attitude should be nothing less than rewarding. If it’s not, it’s time to switch up your game plan.

Have you ever thought about Personal Training like that? Once you do it’s an amazing feeling. Training takes on an entirely new dimension, with more fun and excitement to it. And once you adopt this attitude, you’ll have the mind-set you need to succeed as an independent trainer. You make your own world and your success is all on you.

Yup, I said it – you’ll be a much better trainer once you get a little bit of that hustler in you!


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