time fliesThis is crazy.

Just eleven months ago, I remember sitting in my apartment a month and a half into my first personal training job when I stumbled across this blog for the first time.

Now, here I am less than a year later – I’ve dumped the gym (thanks Kaiser), moved back to the South, have already attended a big industry conference in LA at Bedros’ Event, and I have shaken hands and exchanged phone calls and e-mails with many of the current and future heavy hitters in the fitness industry.

And now in the same month, I’ll be helping out behind the scenes at Ryan Lee’s event in Stamford, Connecticut at The Continuity Summit.

Like I said, crazy..

Because of Ryan’s background, there’s sure to be a lot of other fitness business owners there.  Even one of the speakers, nutrition expert and creator of Warp Speed Fat Loss,  Mike Roussell will be in attendance, representing the fitness industry as a social media expert.  Goes to show you, there’s room to get involved online – even if you see yourself as more of an old school type of trainer.

From what I understand, this whole event is going to be focused solely on creating continuity and recurring revenue in your business and putting it on autopilot.

Sounds good to me.. Haha, where do I sign up?

It’s funny, Kaiser always talks about finding that game worth playing..

the-game-of-life I’d have to agree that personal training is a darn good one.  And if there’s even a snowball’s chance in hell of taking your knowledge in fitness or experience as a marketer or business owner and creating a business that brings you permanent, reliable, automated income, then I don’t know about you, but I want to know how it’s done…

All B.S. and marketing hype aside, there are people doing this in real life and making a killing.. Paying their bills, living wherever they want.. from their computer.

And I want to meet them.

That’s the thing that hit home with me at the FBS two weeks ago..

This stuff is real. And I don’t want to be the one buying the info products my whole life – I want to be the one creating them and profiting.

Meeting the people in person who I’ve been following through the blogs and forums put this whole thing at a different level for me psychologically – I can now see myself being a part this world – and the longer I hang around, the more I’m beginning believe it can be done.

At some point, you have to jump up off the sideline and join the game, you know? That’s the way I’m approaching it – and it’s working out just fine so far.

Anyway, this event is going to feature loads of excellent speakers – Mark Joyner, Andrew Lock, Stephen Pierce, and a bunch of others.. Not to mention The Godfather himself, Ryan Lee.

ozworth-live-imageAnd more than just the speakers – most of the people in attendance are already running their own online businesses.. So whoever you talk to, you’re probably going to learn something new and meet someone who can help you out in some way.

I’m also excited about the “Speed Networking” session that everyone’s talking about.  Apparently, it’ll be like speed dating (whatever that is), but instead of getting digits to meet for a date, the focus will be on connecting with as many other business people as possible.

Somehow, I know that this is going to be one of those experiences that changes my life forever.  I’m not sure exactly how yet .. Maybe someone I meet, maybe an idea I get, I just couldn’t tell you right now.. But I know it will.

I heard the quote somewhere,

“You can create your own luck by exposing yourself to as much randomness as possible.”

randomness-dice Well, you can’t get any more random than flying out last minute to some big internet marketing event where you only know a handful of the people.

I seriously doubt I’m going to strike any million dollar deals right off the bat, but maybe I’ll form a relationship where I can help someone out or do someone a favor.. And who knows where that can lead?

It’d probably be a lot less realistic if I were just sitting at home posting on the forums this weekend..

Anyway, it’s been awesome to have the chance write on the #1 kick ass training blog on the web – If you’re going to be in Stamford this weekend, hit me up!