centralAlthough I consider myself one of the hardest working guys in this business, I’ve been hanging-out and relaxing nearly all day in my old stomping grounds of ASTORIA QUEENS.

And hey, before you start laughing at the BRIDGE AND TUNNEL scene (this is the derogatory term NYC residents give to anything or anyone outside of  Manhattan), let me tell you a little bit about ASTORIA.

If anyone is familiar with this part of New York, you know how strange this neighborhood is – there are 2-3 upscale bars and lounges on nearly every single block, always full of good looking people at nearly every hour of the day and night (does anyone work?) – I’ve been almost everywhere and haven’t seen anything like this neighborhood.

I actually passed out in the banquet of my favorite place, CENTRAL,  for a couple of hours, but I had my shades on, and the owner is a former client of mine so it was all good.

Here’s why I was so wiped:

I was in Philadelphia all weekend shooting video for the new big-time web project for MEN’S JOURNAL TOP 100 TRAINER Jim Hart …

Jim’s one of the REALEST trainers in the country, and we’re working on a project with him that’s going to change lives and set a new standard for what’s possible online.

Well, this weekend we shot SIX MONTHS worth of video for his site:  all of his blog posts, his actual product, his continuity program, and promotional videos – everything!

It was all handled in just one weekend – we can now forget about that part and get to the most important thing, the marketing of it.

Well I just got back to NYC this morning, and as you can imagine, I was wiped out – I feel like I just got off an all night drinking binge, and I didn’t have a drop all weekend (I’m serious).

OK – the shooting for Jim’s project isn’t specifically what I wanted to talk about right now – I have a blog post coming about it, and will send you another NEWSLETTER talking about the specific action steps behind how we condensed so much work into such little time.

Here’s what I wanted to talk about …

While at Jim’s place on Sunday, during a party he had for friends and clients, I met a top trainer named Michael …

Just like a lot of trainers, Michael is looking to expand the reach of his training, beyond just one-on-one.

He’s smart enough to know that with the technology we have today, we can do almost the same training we do on a one-on-one basis, but reach many more people and make much more money with it.

The first thing Michael made clear to me was profound, and is the same story I hear over and over again: that he just wants to spend more time with his wife and get out of his long, daily grind – it’s a very simple and honorable request, and something he deserves.

It’s a classic case of the best job in the world eventually turning into a prison – a phenomenon I’ve watched all the way to the highest levels of the PERSONAL TRAINING industry (this by the way is exactly what the new mission of the blog will be to tackle).

The second thing I learned from Michael is how confusing making this jump really is for a lot of trainers.

They don’t know where to start, and what’s worse is they’re really getting taken advantage of – in Michael’s case, he spent over $5,000 on a website that he was told would be the answer to his problems, but has turned into a vacant lot on the web.

Again, this is nothing new – I’ve heard this story a million times.

And here’s what I’m doing about it – I have a special COACHING PROGRAM I will be releasing soon that’s completely unique …

You will actually get UNLIMITED access to my team to work with you on the strategy and the implementation of your web and marketing project, no matter what it may be.

No longer are trainers going to get JERKED into wasting money on web projects that don’t work, or be completely lost as to how they can get their E-BOOK, ONLINE TRAINING, or MEMBERSHIP SITE projects launched and rolling.

This service will launch officially once the new SUPER-TRAINER site is up – we are looking at a BETA LAUNCH this week.


But I just wanted to give you a heads up about it, so you can start thinking if it’s right for you and letting us know if you have any questions.

If you’re looking to take the guesswork, trial and error, and wasted cash out of your web project, just contact us at support@super-trainer.com

We’ll give you more details and get the ball rolling for you.

With everything that went on this weekend, it made me realize again how serious this is, and how I couldn’t afford to wait to get the word out to you.

Ok -my venting and sales pitch are over – I’ve got some funny video I shot from the weekend that I’m going to throw up, plus some killer info on how to really get things done rapidly online.

And of course, the new ST site is coming – we are REALLY going to shock the world with this one (no, really) – who’s down for a launch party on U-STREAM when we go live? Just let me know!