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Hey, there’s a lot of power in the press … And I spoke to a woman recently that has a lot riding on her shoulders, Shelby Murphy, the Editor-In-Chief of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. In our profession there are very few real magazines to begin with, and hers happens to probably be the best.  With her responsibilities there, that naturally makes her a major force in shaping the thinking of thousands of trainers, and the image and ideas we’re exposed to. If you want info on the industry and profession, there’s no one better to talk to – Shelby’s right there in the thick of it – she’s also a practicing trainer, studio owner, and bootcamp instructor, so she’s obviously someone with her hand firmly on the pulse of this business. Besides the challenges and fun, there’s a professional side to what we do – that’s why I wanted to get Shelby on to talk about some key issues in the training industry and her thoughts and feelings about all of it – what resulted was a very informative conversation every trainer needs to check out: [audio:] Shelby-Murphy-interview.mp3 I’m a huge fan of some of the changes she’s implemented since […]

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VERY, VERY rarely do you come across a piece of just killer, kick ass content that’s out in the open, being given away for free … Well buckle yourself in boys and girls, because this is one of those times! I recently talked to Joel Marion about HOW TO CREATE AND MARKET A FITNESS E-BOOK (and his career in general) and what resulted was one of the most hype-free and informative interviews you’ll find anywhere. Joel’s a guy that for the most part has been staying off the radar, but progressively accomplishing bigger and bigger things and making a major name for himself in the fitness industry. His latest project is a major fitness e-book release called Cheat Your Way Thin, that’s set to come out on April 28th (with the pre-launch beginning today). In the process of our conversation, Joel held absolutely nothing back and basically spilled the entire blueprint behind what’s sure to be a million dollar product.  And in the process, he explained everything that’s gotten him to this point, and it’s a real crazy story. If you don’t know about Joel, here’s a very quick bio: – He’s the author of The Cheat To Lose Diet, […]

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It’s funny how our little personal training and fitness world works … … because although he’d never get recognized at the mall, I talked to a guy recently who’s an absolute celebrityCraig Ballantyne. to trainers worldwide (and just like any celebrity, almost everyone has something to say about him) – In some way or another we all know who Craig is – whether you’re working on an e-book, attending conferences, or just hating on him for making money doing basically the same thing you might be doing 12 hours a day for peanuts; Craig’s a guy that’s very active in this business and known by and friends with most of the people at the top of it. What Craig’s famous for is bringing the e-book mainstream to a new generation of young trainers that have used him for help or inspiration in their own online efforts.  His reach is much larger than e-books now, with his original project, Turbulence Trainingmembership and community component to it, and Craig now heavily involved as a business coach in all the areas of online training, from e-books, to membership sites, to oline promotion. now with a huge Here’s the audio from our conversation: (I […]

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Wow – what a day!  Where do I begin? I was headed over to see how celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s gym was coming, over here in New York City (she’s the woman responsible for the slim physiques of celebs like Gweneth Paltrow) … … and guess who was with her?!?!?! None other than the material girl, MADONNA!!! Madonna was nice enough to do a short interview with me, which you’ll find below:

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“Built For Show” author Nate Green

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Just like Sinatra used to say, at the end of the day, when you’ve made it, you want to say “I did it my way” … One guy really taking that to heart in the fitness industry is NATE GREEN. Instead of trying to fit anyone else’s mold on what it mean to be in fitness, Nate’s does his own thing – but he goes so hard and pushes at such a high level, that he makes it work.  With his book Built for Show now in book stores, other big projects in the works, along with his usual gig over at T-Nation, you might say Nate’s having more fun than anyone else in fitness (maybe even me).  But some of the biggest names in the industry have got his back, so it’s obviously not just all play and no work for him. I was glad to have Nate back on the blog, this time for a full audio conversation, to share what’s new and to give more insights into the beliefs that drive him.  He’s an unlikely but very timely role model for all the new trainers who want to get started in this business and turn it into […]

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