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fit-pro-magazineIf you follow the blog, you know I’m against most industry stuff – most of it is rhetoric to hold up the status quo … and that status quo is trainers getting jerked around in the big gyms, making less than 30 grand a year, and forced to abandon PT and go into other boring careers – all in a career that pays on average, 75 bucks an hour – in my mind, that’s not going to cut it anymore …

But one magazine that really “gets” training at its best is Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.  They’re the only mag that I really pay attention to, and the only one that I’d consider writing for.   This credit has to go to the editor Shelby Murphy.  She just put up a real cool video on the PFP home page called Stepping Up.   I found it excellent because just like the magazine as a whole, Shelby “gets it” too – she’s calling for us to pursue our absolute highest dreams and view Personal Training as part of that larger mission – here’s her video:

Ha! Not what you usually hear, huh?  That one really got me psyched and thinking big!

Here’s the link to PFP site. Be sure to pick up a subscription!  And keep an eye on the blog because I’m going to have Shelby on here to talk some industry issues in the next week or two.



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20. Mar, 2009

Bout time you got someone who sounds a little southern on here!

georgette pann

20. Mar, 2009

Awesome! I somehow missed this video, I really like what PFP is doing. Great news!


20. Mar, 2009

I love it! Dreams are what drive you and pick you up when an obstacle knocks you down. Or better yet they are that perfect punch that comlpletely knock your obstacles on their ass. Full speed ahead everybody!


20. Mar, 2009

Hey Gaby right on man! You normally don’t hear this kind of talk from within the fitness industry. I found her message really inspiring – and did everyone actually do the exercise? Really opened my eyes to what I really want and how to get there –


15. Feb, 2012

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