fit-pro-magazineIf you follow the blog, you know I’m against most industry stuff – most of it is rhetoric to hold up the status quo … and that status quo is trainers getting jerked around in the big gyms, making less than 30 grand a year, and forced to abandon PT and go into other boring careers – all in a career that pays on average, 75 bucks an hour – in my mind, that’s not going to cut it anymore …

But one magazine that really “gets” training at its best is Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.  They’re the only mag that I really pay attention to, and the only one that I’d consider writing for.   This credit has to go to the editor Shelby Murphy.  She just put up a real cool video on the PFP home page called Stepping Up.   I found it excellent because just like the magazine as a whole, Shelby “gets it” too – she’s calling for us to pursue our absolute highest dreams and view Personal Training as part of that larger mission – here’s her video:

Ha! Not what you usually hear, huh?  That one really got me psyched and thinking big!

Here’s the link to PFP site. Be sure to pick up a subscription!  And keep an eye on the blog because I’m going to have Shelby on here to talk some industry issues in the next week or two.