turbulence-craigIt’s funny how our little personal training and fitness world works …

… because although he’d never get recognized at the mall, I talked to a guy recently who’s an absolute celebrityCraig Ballantyne. to trainers worldwide (and just like any celebrity, almost everyone has something to say about him) –

In some way or another we all know who Craig is – whether you’re working on an e-book, attending conferences, or just hating on him for making money doing basically the same thing you might be doing 12 hours a day for peanuts; Craig’s a guy that’s very active in this business and known by and friends with most of the people at the top of it.

What Craig’s famous for is bringing the e-book mainstream to a new generation of young trainers that have used him for help or inspiration in their own online efforts.  His reach is much larger than e-books now, with his original project, Turbulence Trainingmembership and community component to it, and Craig now heavily involved as a business coach in all the areas of online training, from e-books, to membership sites, to oline promotion. now with a huge

Here’s the audio from our conversation: (I know everyone’s been asking for the MP3s and i-tunes downloads of these interviews instead of these youtube files – I’ll be posting them, in addition to back issues, on the blog for you very soon).

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Craig’s obviously not a fly by night success story – he went through the usual channels, from  graduate school to gym work, to gain his knowledge and experience.

And as you heard in the interview, Personal Training eventually turned into his first book , Turbulence Training, which eventually led to an entire online business.

Although they seem like relatively simple ventures, the earnings figures of some of these online e-books are amazing, putting what a lot of major traditional authors are doing to shame.

And when you hear it from Craig, his overall mastery of the business makes it seem deceptively simple – that’s a good thing, because he make the information accessible and chunk-able for anyone to use and work with.

You can find more about Craig’s online business coaching here:  Online Super Profits.

And of course, his Turbulence Training program can be found here:  Turbulence Training Fat Loss System.

Craig’s message is a very positive one: he points out that in the process of his writing and online publishing, he became a much better and more knowledgeable trainer.  That’s the take home message, that online publishing is for everyone, and the process will help your knowledge and career take off.