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“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Don Corleone; The Godfather Haha – and just like the Don, there’s been a guy in the fitness industry that’s making trainers an offer they can’t refuse for years now – that man’s Ryan Lee.  He’s been telling trainers to look beyond just their hourly sessions,  gyms, and immediate customers, and embrace the wide world of potential clients out there, and how technology can now help you leverage the job of serving them. Ryan’s responsible for the some of the biggest success stories in the fitness industry. To name who he’s inspired is pointless, because there’s hardly a single person you’ve heard of doing anything big in fitness, whether it be on or offline, that hasn’t been inspired by Ryan in some way.  Guys like Mike Boyle,Eric Cressey, Alwyn Cosgrove, Chris McCombs, Craig Ballantyne, and Nate Green are just a short list of the guys that pay him a huge debt of gratitude. In my case, I hardly had an email account before I heard Ryan’s call to begin embracing the web.  That sparked the learning that allowed me to finally go truly INDEPENDENT, not have to rely on a gym for […]

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If you follow the blog, you know I’m against most industry stuff – most of it is rhetoric to hold up the status quo … and that status quo is trainers getting jerked around in the big gyms, making less than 30 grand a year, and forced to abandon PT and go into other boring careers – all in a career that pays on average, 75 bucks an hour – in my mind, that’s not going to cut it anymore … But one magazine that really “gets” training at its best is Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.  They’re the only mag that I really pay attention to, and the only one that I’d consider writing for.   This credit has to go to the editor Shelby Murphy.  She just put up a real cool video on the PFP home page called Stepping Up.   I found it excellent because just like the magazine as a whole, Shelby “gets it” too – she’s calling for us to pursue our absolute highest dreams and view Personal Training as part of that larger mission – here’s her video: Ha! Not what you usually hear, huh?  That one really got me psyched and thinking big! Here’s the […]

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While you’re making your plans for world domination in the fitness industry, let me throw another option at you .. I got on the phone recently with my buddy Marc Lebert, inventor of the popular Lebert Equalizer and the NEW Buddy System.  Toward your goal of running your own training practices and not having to split your money with anyone, these are crazy tools that are ready made to help you give top-notch on-location training sessions to your clients. Here’s the audio of our conversation – you’ll find out the reasoning behind his development of these products, and how he’s brought them to market: And here’s part 2: As you probably heard, there was a lot of work put into the development and promotion of Marc’s products – hey what else is new?!?!  But Marc shows a perfect example of how you can take some very inutitive ideas and deliver them to the public very successfully. And from a training stand-point, if you do on location training and work with resistance bands, I’d consider these essential things to have in your trunk.  If you want to take another look at his stuff you can find it here: The Lebert Equalizer […]

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Personal Training Business Tips From Samman Bakhtiar

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We’ve had some big time trainers on here – people that have set  great examples  we can learn from and lessons we can apply to our own businesses. But right now, we have a trainer that takes the cake – Dr. Sam Bakhtiar!  In terms of running a successful business and doing it in a way that we can learn from and apply to what we do, he’s really the master. If you’ve never heard of Sam, that’s because he’s actually doing it in the real world instead of talking about it online.  Him and his business are an example of the balance in practice and service, operations and marketing that it takes to “get” this Personal Training thing. If I’m raving a little bit about this guy, it’s because I’ve done enough things in different places to appreciate what Sam has accomplished as a Personal trainer and the level he’s taken this game to.

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PERSONAL TRAINING UNCENSORED!!! Talking to the Market Annihilator, CHRIS McCOMBS (WARNING: Not Appropriate for Children – Strong Language and Drug Use!!!)

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What can you say about Chris McCombs that hasn’t been said by him already?!?!  When it comes to smash-mouth talk, fitness business tactics, and the aggresive, entrepreneurial mind-set in the world of fitness, Chris is the poster boy! And when it comes to DUMPING THE GYM, making the leap into independent training, and kicking-ass at it, the poster boy is Michael Duivis. Michael and Chris got together recently for what turned out to be a killer interview that completely pulls back the curtain on Chris’ business, blog, and products.  There’s nothing more to say than what’s been covered in these four audio clips:

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