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Where FUN And FITNESS Collide!!! Talking to Underground Strength Coach ZACH EVEN-ESH about fitness SUCCESS! (watch the screen-capture of our hard-hitting conversation)

Posted on 03. Feb, 2009 by .


I got on the phone recently with a guy that’s the living example of everything we talk about here on Super-Trainer – crazy man Zach Even-esh. By crazy, I mean only the workouts that you’ll find going on at his gym and see online in his videos.  When it comes to business, Zach’s crazy like a fox, with his practice growing by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, and with more big projects on the way. He’s got his hand in a little bit of everything – watching him you’ll see how to take an area of fitness you love, and put it out to the world through multiple-channels.

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JOHN SPENCER ELLIS -THE ULTIMATE FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR!!! Talking to “the man” who has re-defined the term (read the un-cut transcript of our converation)

Posted on 10. Dec, 2008 by .


I know it’s been over a week and I’m a little late with this post – to make up for it this one’s VERY LONG and SUPER-GOOD … FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR – that’s a term that gets thrown around A LOT, and is used to describe every Personal Trainer, anyone that’s ever written an e-book, or tried to make a buck in any way in fitness. But I recently had the pleasure to speak to a guy that’s taken the term to a completely different level – John Spencer Ellis. If I sound like a fan, it’s because the things John’s involved with will blow you away! He’s broken the mold and branded himself to a point where he has no competition, and set a new standard for making money in fitness.

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THE “BUSINESS” OF PERSONAL TRAINING: TALKING TO KELLI CALABRESE ABOUT GETTING SERIOUS IN FITNESS (listen to the in-depth audio of our conversation – new updated audio)

Posted on 14. Nov, 2008 by .


Didn’t we just finish talking about how Personal Training wasn’t a business?!?! Yeah, but we’re going to shift gears and get down to BUSINESS – we’re going to talk about getting serious about fitness! Even though this blog is about passion and lifestyle, at a certain point you’ve got to make a decision: “Are you going to be a player, or are you going to keep riding the bench?” I got the chance to pick the brain of a lady that’s made a career of kicking trainers in the pants and reminding them to wake-up – Kelli Calabrese.

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NATE GREEN ON FITNESS! The Former Personal Trainer and Current Fitness Lifestyle Advocate Talks About His Wild Ride!!!!

Posted on 30. Oct, 2008 by .


You know, sometimes you’ve got to toot your own horn. I do a lot of that on this blog as you may have noticed. But that’s NOTHING – my guest today is a guy who in a few short years has gone from a new-b in the fitness industry to a major book deal, a tremendous fitness career, and friends with some of the top people in the business. All that at only 23 years old … I’m talking about Nate Green. If your familiar with his career you know he’s never been afraid to think out of the box, go the extra mile for a new opportunity, and just be himself without worrying about who cares.

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PERSONAL TRAINING SECRETS OF THE WORLD’S MOST RIPPED MOM REVEALED!!! Personal Trainer Lauren Brooks Miller talks about how to balance training and life …

Posted on 03. Oct, 2008 by .


What do porn and Top-Level Training have in common? They’re both hard to define, but you know it when you see it! And I certainly found it (Top-Level Training, not porn) in the training practice of Southern California’s Kettlebell Queen, Lauren Brooks Miller. Like I always talk about on the blog, I didn’t invent this thing; I learned and applied it through observing the trainers that got it right. Lauren is just such a trainer. She’s put it all together into a practice that fits her interests, training, lifestyle, and career goals. It’s pumping on all cynlinders, and is a clear example of what an ideal training practice should be like, and the continuity that every Personal Trainer should be building toward.

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