We’re stepping things up here on Super-Trainer!

Personal Trainer Cynthia CondeI just did the first LIVE interview on the blog, and it was with Cynthia Conde. She’s a trainer from my area in Queens who’s blowing up in a MAJOR way. I got the chance to catch up with her recently and it turned into a lesson on how to create a name for yourself in Personal Training and build up a tremendous career from the ground up. It’s a story EVERY trainer, no matter where you are can relate to. You’re also going to see the attitude and mindset of the modern Personal Trainer, so pay attention to this one!

here’s the video:

[youtube eDxHIGoT3TQ nolink]

As you can see, Cynthia brings the complete package – the passion, charm, and charisma it takes to stand out as a trainer. It’s obvious she’s someone who “gets” this business.

To make sure you didn’t miss any of the important points, let’s take a minute to go over them:

  • Made her career as an INDEPENDANT trainer: Cynthia got out on her own as early as possible. This allowed the independent thinking, leadership skills, and go-getter personality that’s gotten her to where she is now.
  • Based her independent training practice out of an existing gym: Rather than waiting for things to be “just right”, she took a simple route to starting her independent practice, one that she still maintains today. You can find out more about this type of scenario in The Whistleblower Report.
  • Created a specialty: This one’s vital – it’s one of the major factors that has led to her success. If she stayed a “general” trainer, it’s hard to imagine she’d have any of the success she has now. But with her Bridal Bootcamp Program she was able to focus on a niche that she soon became a major player in.
  • Personal branding: As a Personal Trainer, the product is YOU. This is something that Cynthia obviously understands and maximizes. You can tell this from her outgoing personality and the way she presents herself. In all her projects and her website she’s put herself front and center.
  • A lil’ bit of luck: Cynthia got her first celebrity client by luck. She then leveraged that opportunity into more high-level clients and media attention.
  • Hustle: Never resting on her laurels, Cynthia has always looked to actively increase her reach in the training industry. All of the things she’s accomplished including the book deal, reality show, and media appearances were initiated by her – no one’s given her anything.
  • Understands the fun factor of Personal Training: She’s recognizes the entertainment aspect to fitness that trainers are responsible for. We see this in the popularity of programs like Adventure Bootcamp. Cynthia understands this element and brings it to her sessions, an aspect of training that many otherwise qualified trainers fail to pay attention to.

Is that enough kissing up? HAHA! – I can’t help it, because every part of what Cynthia does are things we’ve covered here on Super-Trainer and are essential to becoming a Top-Level Personal Trainer yourself.

If you’re a trainer just working in your local health-club right now, some of the things she’s accomplished can seem intimidating. But remember, that it all started from the ground up, in a low income neighborhood with a business of only one for a time. Step by step, it grew from there.

So in case you’re not tired of hearing it yet, let’s say it again: In Personal Training, YOU’RE IN CONTROL! You can brand yourself, start from wherever you are, and create your own career path.

In addition….

When I met up with Cynthia I got to meet her new trainer, Benjamin Paul Schwartz. Ben’s in a great position, getting an early start in the industry at just 20 years old and with the opportunity to learn from an experienced trainer. I wanted to get him on here just to capture some of the passion and commitment you need to have if you want to take this career really far.

Here are the links to a clip of me talking to Ben, and a few exercise demonstrations he did to talk about his philosophy and how he applies it to clients:

Interview with BPS