PERSONAL TRAINING UNCENSORED!!! Talking to the Market Annihilator, CHRIS McCOMBS (WARNING: Not Appropriate for Children – Strong Language and Drug Use!!!)

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chris-mccombsWhat can you say about Chris McCombs that hasn’t been said by him already?!?!  When it comes to smash-mouth talk, fitness business tactics, and the aggresive, entrepreneurial mind-set in the world of fitness, Chris is the poster boy!

And when it comes to DUMPING THE GYM, making the leap into independent training, and kicking-ass at it, the poster boy is Michael Duivis.

Michael and Chris got together recently for what turned out to be a killer interview that completely pulls back the curtain on Chris’ business, blog, and products.  There’s nothing more to say than what’s been covered in these four audio clips:

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Thanks to Michael for the special guest interview – Michael’s one of the most driven trainers I know, dumping the gym on my advice and now with his own rapidly growing training practice.

And about Chris, he’s emerged as one of the most well-known and popular personalities in the fitness industry.  His blog is one of the (other) must-reads in this business:

He’s also re-launching his incredible program on Marketing for Personal Trainers: Market Annihilator.

NOTE: Market Annihilator will be open to only the first 75 people who sign up on Monday Feb 23rd at 9am PST, so you must be at your computer at that time to make sure you get in.  For more updates on the program, just sign-up here at my link:

Click Here To Find Out More About Market Annihilator

I had a chance to thoroughly review Market Annihilator – I was at first skeptical because of the high price tag and questioned it’s relevance to Personal Training … but once I really sunk my teeth into the program I was blown away –

In just the first few videos and pieces of content I looked at on the site, Chris had demystified certain web marketing and social media principles that I’d been grappling with for months.  In his usual no B.S. style, he cuts through the hype and shows you exactly what the leaders in the field are doing and explains how to do it yourself.

And besides the generalities, the program is full of specific information on how to market a Personal Training business.  This information would have saved me months of time, and probably saved my first training business, if I got my hands on it a couple of years ago.  With my mission of helping trainers go solo, I’m real happy something like this is available for trainers now.

That’s why I’m giving the program my full endorsement. I get a referral fee if you join Chris’ program through my link, but for that I hold myself fully responsible (along with Chris of course) for your satisfaction with the program. If you have any questions about the course you are free to use me as another resource if you get it through my link.

Here’s my link one more time.



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Michael Duivis

20. Feb, 2009

This interview was done only a week ago, and now after all of Mass Control’s launch videos I feel like I have a million more questions I want to ask him.

Chris I may just sign up for your coaching real soon…


20. Feb, 2009

You all, Kaiser, Bedros, Chris and Michael, keep me driven to succeed in accomplishing like-minded business in the beauty industry. I feel if I can learn, accomplish and implement what you all are doing for PT, I can emmulate and expand same business practices in the beauty industry. I continue to sponge all your intelligence so as to accomplish my goal. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing of your intel! Gianna


20. Feb, 2009

Hey Gianna …. watch it! Don’t get me mixed up with those guys …

Chris McCombs

20. Feb, 2009

Hey Kaiser and Michael, thanks for the awesome interview dudes.

We’ve already had some people ask after reading this post if the program is open yet. It’s not.

It opens Monday Feb 23rd at 9am PST to the first 75 people, just go to the link Kaiser gave you at that time and you’ll be good to go.

It’s explained above in the last video snipit of the interview

Thanks again dudes


20. Feb, 2009

Market annihilator might have to be one of my investments this summer along with what you have kaiser! Best thing I got out of this is the great idea of maybe offering something like a month of free training in return for refferals OR they might want to buy sessions to continue and you know have a whole bunch of clients that want to continue.


20. Feb, 2009

Yeah Raj, I think my course is essential because it gives you the nuts and bolts of EVERYTHING involved with the success of your training business – your sales, client retention, session design, off-line marketing, and web marketing too – but Chris’ program goes into much more detail – it’ll give you mastery of the full spectrum of marketing, which is essential for your career as a whole – marketing is the PRIMARY hat any business owner wears –

Doug Groce

21. Feb, 2009

This post was gold. Thanks Michael/Chris/Kaiser. The more I just hang around your communities and listen to you guys speak and write, the more these principles kind of get ingrained in my head. And I pick up something new every time.

Chris your mentality of working your butt off to create these business systems blew me away and created a big shift for me.

I’m loving this stuff, keep it up.


21. Feb, 2009

Why does everyone keep getting me mixed up with those guys? I’m not part of that whole “LA” thing!


26. Feb, 2009

Kaiser it seems the west coast already has many people that have this on lock. In NY all i see on google is you (in queens) and some guy named joe diangelo.

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