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Some Classic, All-Star Quotes From the SUPER-TRAINER Archive

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If you're just visiting the blog for the first time in a couple of days, you'll notice something major has changed: WELCOME TO THE NEW SUPER-TRAINER!

We're not officially rolling it out yet because there are still a few things to take care of on the back end - but feel free to let me know what you think ...

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I talked recently to one of the coolest guys in the fitness industry, good ol' boy Pat Rigsby.

Pat's one of the top fitness business leaders, with a hand in so many diverse projects that it's hard to keep up. The work he does impacts a huge number of fitness professional in some way every day.

Me and Pat got on the phone about his new FAST TRACK TO FITNESS MILLIONS event, being held in New Jersey next weekend. If you are anywhere on the east coast, I highly encourage you to check it out.

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Talking Shop with Ryan Lee about Marketing Fitness Online

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We’ve been here less than a day and already have a special treat for you. Enjoy! [youtube LJUNGfzYIb0 nolink] And you may want to check out Kaiser’s YouTube channel for some of the less formal (goofing off) video clips that won’t make it to the blog.

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Dave Parise Personal Training Tools

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If you follow this blog you know who Dave Parise is – the man is basically the prototype Personal Trainer … And one thing about Dave is he’s never shy or hesitant to share his vast wisdom; he did over 1.6 MILLION in sales at his facility in Connecticut without any of the direct response advertising tactics I’ve told you about and you’ve been reading about on the web – just plain old fashioned positive PR! Here are a couple of choice bits of wisdom from the master, and a couple of excellent and tremendously AFFORDABLE tools he’s put out there for trainers to take what they do to the top-level: _______________________________________________________ Ultimately, it’s not about certification… it’s about application! By Dave Parise Super Trainer Advisory Board Please remember certifications mean nothing. They look great on the wall. If they make you feel better, then so be it. I once read a book on surgery, does that make me a doctor? I want you to take time to look around at some of the exercises being performed at your fitness center. You may have a laugh, a wonder, or a moment of insight. I hope you see and understand the […]

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When it comes to telling it like it is in the world of training and fitness, there’s one guy you can always depend on: Eric Cressey. And he has the right to talk – Eric’s one of the guy’s setting the standard from both the business and training side of the fitness industry for the new age of trainers and coaches. And through his blog, Eric’s never afraid to share his thoughts or get involved with controversial subjects.  I’m a very loyal reader of his blog for all of the excellent training info, industry commentary, and the fact that it’s also funny as hell sometimes. I wanted to get Eric on the my blog to talk about some of these industry issues and to shed some light on a few of the topics that have come up on his blog and mine. What resulted was an excellent conversation that brought up many of these areas.  A few of the issues we got into were: Is their a need for accreditation in Personal Training? How to train groups and still keep everyone’s goals in mind. How to grow a training business that still has training as the main focus. Here’s the […]

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