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When it comes to telling it like it is in the world of training and fitness, there’s one guy you can always depend on: Eric Cressey.

And he has the right to talk – Eric’s one of the guy’s setting the standard from both the business and training side of the fitness industry for the new age of trainers and coaches.

And through his blog, Eric’s never afraid to share his thoughts or get involved with controversial subjects.  I’m a very loyal reader of his blog for all of the excellent training info, industry commentary, and the fact that it’s also funny as hell sometimes.

I wanted to get Eric on the my blog to talk about some of these industry issues and to shed some light on a few of the topics that have come up on his blog and mine. What resulted was an excellent conversation that brought up many of these areas.  A few of the issues we got into were:

  • Is their a need for accreditation in Personal Training?
  • How to train groups and still keep everyone’s goals in mind.
  • How to grow a training business that still has training as the main focus.

Here’s the audio of our conversation:



What a lot of people don’t realize is that Eric’s also one of the shrewdest business people in this game too.  In his business, he has a partner in charge of the business responsibilities – that’s what allows him to pursue his passions without  being bothered by the figures.  You can learn more about the set-up of Eric’s business from the last time he was on the blog:   Eric Cressey’s First Appearance On Super-Trainer.

And of course, check out Eric’s blog about Strength And Conditioning For Athletes HERE.

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John Izzo

20. Apr, 2009

Eric makes no bones about it. When you are good at what you do, business comes to you. No marketing tactics…put out good service and know what you are talking about, and boom….success.

Doug G.

20. Apr, 2009

Eric, I started listening to your blog around November ’07 and I have to say that you’re responsible for a VERY generous portion of what I’ve learned as a P-T and what I’ve actually done when it comes to programming my actual clients.

Even as a 23 year old (I’m 24 now) it seemed like I was WAY ahead of the curve at my internship – I was the only who who had passed the CSCS and there had been trainers working there who were in their 30’s who were just starting to study..

I love the blog, your baseball articles and your writing style, so keep up the good work man.


20. Apr, 2009

Yeah Doug – Eric’s blog basically counts as continuing ed for any Trainer. Just read what he has to say and follow up on the articles and sources he references, you’re solid.

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