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Hey, there’s a lot of power in the press …

And I spoke to a woman recently that has a lot riding on her shoulders, Shelby Murphy, the Editor-In-Chief of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.

In our profession there are very few real magazines to begin with, and hers happens to probably be the best.  With her responsibilities there, that naturally makes her a major force in shaping the thinking of thousands of trainers, and the image and ideas we’re exposed to.

If you want info on the industry and profession, there’s no one better to talk to – Shelby’s right there in the thick of it – she’s also a practicing trainer, studio owner, and bootcamp instructor, so she’s obviously someone with her hand firmly on the pulse of this business.

Besides the challenges and fun, there’s a professional side to what we do – that’s why I wanted to get Shelby on to talk about some key issues in the training industry and her thoughts and feelings about all of it – what resulted was a very informative conversation every trainer needs to check out:



I’m a huge fan of some of the changes she’s implemented since getting into her new position.  She’s a very forward thinker – she has to be to have signed me up as a writer! But I’m proud to have my name associated with the magazine and all of the authors that are in it – there isn’t a bigger, better, and “realer” bunch in the business!

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Yavor Marichkov

18. Apr, 2009

Thanks for introducing Shelby here, Kaiser. AS for the PFP writing gig – your success image articles over there are pure gold.

Doug G.

18. Apr, 2009

Enjoyed the interview Shelby / Kaiser – She has her hands in a lot of different parts of this industry – Definitely enjoyed the interview and hearing about her business and day-to-day responsibilities, etc.


Greg Justice

18. Apr, 2009

Our industry needs more Shelby Murphy’s. She represents what personal trainers should aspire to be. Thank you for bringing us that interview, I look forward to hearing more.


20. Apr, 2009

Yeah Shelby really is amazing and I love what she’s doing with the magazine –

Thanks Yavor – yeah I’m real happy to be associated with that magazine – subscriptions are free so everyone needs to check them out –

Shelby Murphy

20. Apr, 2009

Thanks, Kaiser, for the great interview! I appreciate everyone’s comments immensely. PFP has always been a great magazine and in making it even better, my mission is to present articles that are critically relevant to today’s trainers in the trenches. If there isn’t something in an article that a trainer can take away and implement immediately to make his/her career better, then the article doesn’t make the cut. Please know that I value every reader’s comments and suggestion and am always striving to do better. I welcome all communications at

georgette pann

20. Apr, 2009

Excellent info…and of coarse you know how I feel about running bootcamps…but I love PFP magazine and the quality info provided. It is extremely valuable and minus the hype ..This is the type information that really helps trainers build a better business
Thank YOU

Gervasio Da Gloria

26. Nov, 2012

Thanks for sharing, very interesting point. Keep the information flow. I surely will be back for more.

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