dpariseIf you follow this blog you know who Dave Parise is – the man is basically the prototype Personal Trainer …

And one thing about Dave is he’s never shy or hesitant to share his vast wisdom; he did over 1.6 MILLION in sales at his facility in Connecticut without any of the direct response advertising tactics I’ve told you about and you’ve been reading about on the web – just plain old fashioned positive PR!

Here are a couple of choice bits of wisdom from the master, and a couple of excellent and tremendously AFFORDABLE tools he’s put out there for trainers to take what they do to the top-level:


Ultimately, it’s not about certification… it’s about application!

By Dave Parise Super Trainer Advisory Board

Please remember certifications mean nothing. They look great on the wall. If they make you feel better, then so be it. I once read a book on surgery, does that make me a doctor?

I want you to take time to look around at some of the exercises being performed at your fitness center. You may have a laugh, a wonder, or a moment of insight. I hope you see and understand the difference between function, and dysfunction. I hope you understand the meaning of “Just because you can… does not mean you should.” Please remember most exercises are based on a sensation, “a feeling.” Most range of motion is based on how far you pull or push the load. And how strong you or your buddies are. Usually people base it on how much weight can be thrown, with as much motion as possible! We must correct all the poor teachers out there. The certification organizations don’t care they just want you to pay and pass the test. So I ask you to forget about what you see, or feel, and understand “it’s not what you do but the way you apply it.” I hope this makes you think…that’s the first step to becoming a huge success.

Now for the constructive part of my lesson to you. I do apologize for this next statement. Most trainers from east to west and across the pond have a one-size-fits-all attitude. They are commonly called “rent-a-buddies”. They count reps; they perform single plane movements from a fixed manufactured machine. Some learn the latest “functional” moves from a magazine or downloaded from the internet. They walk around recording reps and sets in a little book with a training company logo. Once in a while they come out of the circle and offer a brief moment of insight or motivation. Why? Maybe personal training is just looked at as a supplement to their ‘real job”.


Assess dont guess…makes $$$$

By: Dave Parise CPT

It all comes back to this: goal needs, anatomy, and levels of control. Let’s recap quickly so we’re still on the same page. Many personal trainers start a program picking exercises that are way too demanding. Improper exercise form will cause poor neuromuscular motor programming leading to or exasperating muscular skeletal imbalances.

An example of this would be as follows: I have a client who comes in after sitting all day at the office. He has a little bit of an anterior pelvic tilt, protracted shoulder girdle, and forward head posture.  We take him over to the ab machine (to flatten the tummy…right!).

There is no way the machine could match the spine’s path. The machine is on a fixed axis of rotation … the spine is not on a fixed axis of rotation. THE SPINE IS MOVABLE AND ACTS LIKE A CHAIN, SO MOTION OCCURS AT EACH AND EVERY LEVEL! The client grabs the handle behind his head, anchors the feet and yanks the handles promoting more forced forward head posture. The illio psoas that attaches to the pelvis and the lessor trocantar of the femur now becomes a major trunk flexor. The legs are fixed, overpowering the other muscles in that region. What the %^#^*#? are we doing to this person? We are totally screwing up his posture, and now he leaves with poorer posture then he came in with! Do you understand what we mean by anchoring the feet you bring in other muscles? We all need to look at the body as our assessment tool.


Of course as you already know, I got Dave on the TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM (the course wouldn’t have been complete without him) – but if you want more info from him check out the valuable resources listed below and you’ll learn a lot about what Dave had to share with the program owners …

dave_parise_trade_secretsDave Parise’s Trade Secrets From A Seven Figure Facility
Dave Parise explains how you can turn your personal training center into a seven-figure facility. Stop the Rent-A-Buddy mentality. Stop counting reps and performing single-plane movements from a fixed, manufactured machine. Start averaging two new clients a week and maintaining a 90% retention rating. Dave Parise reveals his secrets for creating a seven-figure personal training center.
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anatomical_profitability_fit-prosAnatomical Profitability Fit-Pro’s Academy
The Fit-Pro’s Manual. A Certified Fit-Pro is one-part certification and three-parts application. The Fit-Pro’s Manual and Certification are the keys that will unlock the door to opportunity and success—developed through physical, emotional, and mental fitness. A Fit-Pro’s Certification is not a luxury—it is a necessity to your health and fitness future. Learn how to triumph over procrastination and laziness. Continue your education and learn the latest information about our industry.

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And above all, keep your eyes open and mind aware to all the ways to make it as a Personal Trainer – it’s been my mission to prove that there’s more than one way to do it, and Dave is definitely proof of it!