While you’re making your plans for world domination in the fitness industry, let me throw another option at you ..

I got on the phone recently with my buddy Marc Lebert, inventor of the popular Lebert Equalizer and the NEW Buddy System.  Toward your goal of running your own training practices and not having to split your money with anyone, these are crazy tools that are ready made to help you give top-notch on-location training sessions to your clients.

Here’s the audio of our conversation – you’ll find out the reasoning behind his development of these products, and how he’s brought them to market:

And here’s part 2:

As you probably heard, there was a lot of work put into the development and promotion of Marc’s products – hey what else is new?!?!  But Marc shows a perfect example of how you can take some very inutitive ideas and deliver them to the public very successfully.

And from a training stand-point, if you do on location training and work with resistance bands, I’d consider these essential things to have in your trunk.  If you want to take another look at his stuff you can find it here:

The Lebert Equalizer and The Lebert Buddy System