To: 7FigureSam

From: Name Withheld for privacy

Message: Real quick…

First, thanks for bringing us the incredible information on your blog.
I look forward to working with you in the near future to help grow my
studio and boot camp.

Second, I made a big mistake this past year. I joined “The Boot Camp Franchise”  , don’t
judge everyone makes mistakes;) Anyway it is an absolute joke. It’s
the same info on their blog but for $500/m. Ouch ouch…It hurts being
sold on a bogus product more than anything else.

Any suggestions, I read on the blog that people left prior to their
contract expiration…

Thanks again,
Name Witheld

Hey name withheld,

First of all THANK YOU for reading my blog and appreciate the kind words.

I can’t in good conscious tell you to cancel something if you already made a

How would you feel if a client signs up for a year and then one month into it
Wants to cancel their commitment.

Having said that if you feel like they promised you a unicorn and delivered a Donkey (as their CEO would say) then at least give them a chance to fix it. If for some reason they don’t fix the issues and keep delivering a donkey then I would talk to these people on this blog post and see how they managed to get out.
I stress that you need to first bring your dissatisfaction to their attention and give them a chance to deliver the “unicorn”.

No business is PERFECT but what separates an average business from a GREAT business is their willingness to make Things right.

I hope that helps,