One of the main reasons that I took over Super Trainer a few months ago was to have a platform for in the trenches fitness business owners to come together share what’s working for them and what’s not working for them.

I got tired of the same old bull S*** that was being SOLD and TOLD to us by “The Men” who do not even own a single fitness business.

Just a curious observation.

Every franchise that I know of has a few “corporate stores” owned by owners and share holders.

But the main reason that I took over Super Trainer was to EXPOSE all the bull S*** in our industry.

The same person who for years taught against branding and was all about the small business owner is now all about branding (his brand of course) and often times has said “Either get on board with XYZ boot camp or go out of business”.

Look here, I don’t give a damn if I make money from Super Trainer or not. It’s just my hobby and I am having so much fun with it. I make my money and feed my family with my offline businesses that gross over 2.4 million per year and climbing. (Opening up 5 new boot camp locations in the next 30 days)

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves has always been when someone doesn’t man up and admit they have done wrong or they have a problem. ESPECIALLY when there are hundreds of complaints about the same issues.

Remember last year when Toyota’s cars were being recalled? It was all over the news. What Toyota did to solve the issue and bad publicity was brilliant. They rolled out an ad campaign that said something like this ” We have been building reliable cars for the last one hundred years but in the last few months are quality has slipped and we apologize for that. Here is what we’re doing about it. We have stopped all production and beefed up our service department to take care of this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for standing by our side through this”.

In the fitness marketing world these “Men’s” egos have gotten so big that an “apology” or “we messed up and we’re sorry” is just not anywhere their vocabulary.

They keep talking about stuff that just doesn’t work, yet they claim it does work. Is it denial, is it delusion or is it the hallucinogenic. Your guess is as good as mine.

I am in Austin, Texas waiting to get on the plane and…………

Saw a blog post about my so called competitor’s ad that brought in all this money for this boot camp and how they had a huge return on the particular ad. But yet they advertised for 3 months and pulled out.

As a matter of fact I did a whole webinar presentation about “How to make your competition irrelevant” and I talked extensively about why their ads didn’t work. But yet they said it did.

Then I saw that “The Men” quoted that 5000 post cards cost about .60 cents so about 3K to mail out. No it doesn’t.

That particular post cards was made by by a guy name Michael Grossman. It costs about .32 cents out the door. So about $1600 bucks. So I just saved you $1400. You’re very welcome ;)

By the way tell Michael Grossman “How you doin” New York Style. You’ll see what I mean the first time you talk to him.

I also have another resource for post cards at that low of a price. and talk to Jeff Bond.

In this recent blog post I saw that the “main man” said something like “Our brand logo is at the top and people recognize our brand vs lesser quality cheaper stuff”.

So does that mean that

  • All other personal fitness brands out there are perceived cheap as opposed to the “men’s” brand?
  • That their brand is recognized worldwide and is a household name?
  • That their brand is uniform which means that one brand in one location is consistent with all other brands in other locations.
  • People go and join the facility because of “That particular brand” and no other reason.
  • When people move to a new city they are like “I hope there is a XYZ brand boot camp cuz no other boot camp will be the same”

I am convinced that somebody is either smoking something or they are in total denial. Probably both:  Here is the truth

  • There are many personal brands that are absolutely KILLING the “Men’s” brand in the same town. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me that you’re killing the “men’s” brand in your town. There is simply not enough room on this blog post but I am tempted to make another post just about that.
  • You’re not Starbucks. Please stop flattering yourselves and get real. If I ask 10 people in the airport about your brand they going to say “WHO, Never heard of it”.
  • Service cannot be duplicated while a product can. So while one location might be awesome another one can be horrible. Starbucks coffee in Austin is the same EXACT Starbucks coffee in Chino
  • Talking to many, many of the XYZ brand name business owners, not one and I mean not one EVER has said that the brand name has brought me clients. No one cares about the brand name in the service industry cuz service cannot be duplicated the same way humans can’t.

So here and now I ask the “men” to please wake up and get real. The funny thing is that I genuinely care about “The men” and love their families. I have voiced my concerns MANY times privately just to be brushed off and labeled as a “hater”.  I just think that lately the message has been more about $$$ than anything else. I am hoping they will man up and take care of the issues instead of brushing it under the carpet. I don’t think they are “bad” people, it’s just their vision is blurred by the all might green.