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It’s here – the  insider info on succeeding as an independent trainer, all in one course: INDEPENDENT TRAINER: THE NEW BUSINESS BLUEPRINT Click Here Now To Find Out All About It And a new BONUS has just been added – THE SUPER-TRAINER MASTERMIND – This is a private, members only access forum for only the first 100 people that sign up. It’s an action-oriented mastermind program – you’ll learn directly from the top names in the industry, and you may even make money from being a part of it! This is only available to the first 100 people that join, and a bunch of spots were already taken in the pre-launch so you’ve got to move now.  I’d like to estimate a dollar value to this, but the truth is it’s totally different than any other mastermind program you’ve ever seen.  And for now, it’s a BONUS to INDEPENDENT TRAINER. Click Here Now To Find Out All About It Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

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SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS: The Quick and Easy Way For Anyone to Hit the $100-$200/Session Mark! Part two of a NOW three part series …

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There’s something about money that gets people talking! That’s what happened with my first post on $100 training sessions last week. In that post I set-up the subject and it resulted in some strong input from readers. Just like last time, I’ll open by saying that money’s not everything when you’re an independent trainer. When I first went solo I put money first and was quickly frustrated and burnt out. What I realized is that the approach to being a high level solo trainer is different. It’s about doing a few things really well – about quality. It’s at that point that your rates can go up so you don’t have to work a ton of hours to make the money you want.

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CRIME PAYS!!! Looking At the “HUSTLE” of Personal Training – The gangster mind-set it takes to succeed in fitness …

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This blog is all about showing you the potential in Personal Training. The fact is not everyone’s slaving at a big-box health-club! There are some trainers that aren’t working in the typical gym setting – they’re doing it on their own, earning tremendous incomes and living outstanding lifestyles. But we’re going to shift gears for a minute and talk about a different career track: organized crime! Have you ever noticed how organized crime is glorified in entertainment and the media? Stop and think about some of the most popular movies of all time: Scarface, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Ocean’s 11. The list could go on and on. Have you ever asked yourself why?

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THE DEFINITION OF CLIENT FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS: A New Way to Look At The Trainer/Client Relationship …

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I know for the most part you don’t have to spend much time thinking about what a client is – they’re the person that pays you, simple as that, right? We’re always talking about how to get more clients, how to charge more, or how to keep them happy. Nothing wrong with that – this a blog for trainers after all … But have you ever though about what “client” means? There was a neat definition to the word I saw a while back that really blew me away. I always try to keep it in mind. It gives you a very clear idea of what your real responsibilities are as a trainer, and what’s expected out of you as part of this profession. This definition was put forward by the marketing guru Jay Abraham in his book Get Everything You Can Out of All You Got. Here’s how he defined a client:

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THE $100 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION!!! – How to Get to the Holy Grail of Personal Training – part 1 of 2 part article

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The $100 training session – you’d have to call it the holy grail of Personal Training. It’s the right of passage – the sign that you’ve made it. It’s what separates the elite trainer from everyone else. Does money and income define you? Hardly. But in our society it’s how we keep score. And something about the $100 session puts you in a different league in your own mind, you client’s, other trainers, and society at large (after all, how many people can pull a hundred bucks in an hour for their services?). So let’s get into this issue right here. With all the different tricks and strategies trainers use to grow their businesses and get more money out of their clients, the most simple, obvious, and effective is raising your session price.

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