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Just when you were getting serious about training, here’s a place to spend hours of your free time in mindless cyber-chatting – Welcome to the Super-Trainer online community!!!

(just click the button labeled “Forum” in the right side bar or follow this link)

It’s a forum for everyone, from beginner to advanced trainers; from thinking about getting into training to way past it, and all places in between. We can learn from each other, sharing info as it happens, the way that you can only do through an online forum. And there’ll be plenty of opportunities for mindless chatter too, so don’t worry!

You can use your real name or make up a different username, and feel free to link to your site or leave a phrase in the space at bottom for your signature.

So enjoy – looking forward to hearing what you have to say (I think!) and if you’ve got any suggestions to step it up, just let me know – I’ll see you there!



21. Dec, 2008

Hey Kaiser, I just wanted to say that you sent out an awesome newsletter, and that I hope any trainers reading this will join up in your underground newsletter as well, if they haven’t done so already.
Keep up the inspiration! :)



25. Dec, 2008


Thanks for making the new forums available. I am a new visitor to your blog and eager to watch the forums develop.



Joseph Garcia

23. Jan, 2009

Great site. I’m new to the blogging world and have recently visited your site. Great information and can’t wait for you next newsletter.

Best regards,



14. Feb, 2009

What’s up Kaiser!? This is the first time I’m writing on a blog but I’m happy it’s something I’m passionate about and envision myself happier doing this for a living than anything else! I’m in school right now but I’m studying for the certification exam (through ISSA) and hopefully be ready to start training by the summer. I love your articles and I’m planning on ordering that new program you have out which looks very essential to become a top-level trainer. Thank you and I wish you the best.

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