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How I Started An Even BIGGER Movement: Trainers Now Hustling Worldwide …

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I’m happy to say a lot of trainers worldwide have started getting really active in the personal training business because of me … They’ve seen a goofy young guy like them using the web to spread a message – it’s made them very entrepreneurial … One such guy is my buddy Eirik, out in Norway.  Eirik’s a real hustler (ie an action taker) – he’s bought everything I’ve put out, and it’s helped him get his training business established – now he’s looking to expand the reach of his business. An unfortunate limiting step in putting out any new product or service however is having some strong designs representing you.  It’s human nature, that we judge books by their covers. I talked about how Eirik was getting jerked with his fitness marketing design costs in a previous post – now he’s getting quality stuff from my guys for next to nothing. In this post you’re seeing some of the designs he’s got from my team so far – they’re pretty outstanding if I don’t say so myself! If you want to check out the DESIGN service just click this link.  A word of warning – the page only works on […]

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When it comes to telling it like it is in the world of training and fitness, there’s one guy you can always depend on: Eric Cressey. And he has the right to talk – Eric’s one of the guy’s setting the standard from both the business and training side of the fitness industry for the new age of trainers and coaches. And through his blog, Eric’s never afraid to share his thoughts or get involved with controversial subjects.  I’m a very loyal reader of his blog for all of the excellent training info, industry commentary, and the fact that it’s also funny as hell sometimes. I wanted to get Eric on the my blog to talk about some of these industry issues and to shed some light on a few of the topics that have come up on his blog and mine. What resulted was an excellent conversation that brought up many of these areas.  A few of the issues we got into were: Is their a need for accreditation in Personal Training? How to train groups and still keep everyone’s goals in mind. How to grow a training business that still has training as the main focus. Here’s the […]

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Since I already leaked the picture, let’s go all the way … Here’s your official introduction to the brand new TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM! Don’t confuse this with a Personal Training Certification!!!  This course is about training success – it’s about getting maximum leverage in your training business … In English, that means more money in less time and a future so bright you’ve got to wear shades! Ha! – as you can tell I’m excited – I recorded a little video to talk more about it: And here’s the picture you saw at the end of the Whistleblower Report 2.0: Because of some of the interest I’ve got, I’m looking to rush the release of the program, so just keep your eye on the blog for more updates!

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Hey, there’s a lot of power in the press … And I spoke to a woman recently that has a lot riding on her shoulders, Shelby Murphy, the Editor-In-Chief of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. In our profession there are very few real magazines to begin with, and hers happens to probably be the best.  With her responsibilities there, that naturally makes her a major force in shaping the thinking of thousands of trainers, and the image and ideas we’re exposed to. If you want info on the industry and profession, there’s no one better to talk to – Shelby’s right there in the thick of it – she’s also a practicing trainer, studio owner, and bootcamp instructor, so she’s obviously someone with her hand firmly on the pulse of this business. Besides the challenges and fun, there’s a professional side to what we do – that’s why I wanted to get Shelby on to talk about some key issues in the training industry and her thoughts and feelings about all of it – what resulted was a very informative conversation every trainer needs to check out: [audio:] Shelby-Murphy-interview.mp3 I’m a huge fan of some of the changes she’s implemented since […]

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It’s finally here: THE WHISTLEBLOWER 2.0 This is the new FREE special report, in the form of a video, where we peel below the surface and look at what’s really going on in the Personal Training Industry. What’s different about this report?  Why is this essential viewing for any Personal Trainer? Because we zoom out and look at the big picture – This one is bigger than Personal Training this is about life – about work, success, and happiness, and how Personal Training fits into all of it. I know, that’s some lofty stuff – we blow the whistle  on all of it … I may lose some readers and friends because of this one (but those were the folks lying to themselves anyway). Just sign-up below and you’ll be taken straight there: ENTER HERE TO SEE REPORT ???????????   Glad you know where I’m coming from now – give me your feedback by leaving a comment below the report, and we can all get on the same page, with a nice, fresh start, and keep going on this journey together.

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