Something funny happened recently, and in the process I had a major breakthrough …

PFP Magazine just asked me to write an article on managing your finances for personal trainers, or something to that effect –

And there’s something that putting your thoughts down on a page does for your thinking, because in the process of putting my article together, I had one of those moments of clarity that you only get a few times a year, if at all –

It made me realize it was time, and gave me the inspiration for a new manifesto for the personal training industry –

Because even though I’ve looked to blow the whistle and show you what’s really going on through this blog, and with my last WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT, a lot has changed in the past year since I wrote it –

I’ve changed, the world has changed, and so has the industry …

That’s why it’s time for a new manifesto (and this time it’s going to be a video):


Whistleblower 2.0

The last Whistleblower changed a lot of lives and started a movement – this one’s going to shatter some realities, uncover more lies, and turn even more ideas on their heads –

And this time it’s going to be in video, so you can just sit back and take it all in (and maybe crawl up into a ball afterwards!) –

So stay glued to the blog for the next couple of days – I’m going to throw this one up hot of the press!