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“THE ART OF THE DEAL” FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS: Making Deals to Get More Training Clients

Posted on 07. Nov, 2008 by .


As you already know, the The Art of the Deal was the title of the first of the series of self-promoting books by Donald Trump. In it he talks about his big deals with other major moguls and players on the New York scene. But making deals isn’t something reserved just for people in real estate. As a Personal Trainer, it’s something you need to get good at too. Some people might consider that “work”, but I consider it a perk. You get to deal with people of all levels as part of being a Personal Trainer. This of course makes you a much more competent and confident person. These are qualities you’ll carry for the rest of your professional life.

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Is Personal Training a business? I think most people would look at it that way, because most people do it for money … Well I’m here to say it’s not a business – calling it one really misses the point. If you’ve been having trouble with long hours, a lack of money, or low satisfaction, this might be where you’re getting it twisted. At the basic level, this industry has different rules. When it comes down to an intangible product changing hands, it’s not as easy as just calling it a business. Believe me, I tried that and went down that road. I tried to milk every possible dollar out of being a trainer early in my career – I read the business books, went to the sales conferences, was committed to working 16 hour days, and all of that. Didn’t work – with training you can’t think of it like that – customers can see right through it.

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BAD NEWS BUT GOOD PRESS – Hard Financial Times For Personal Trainers Covered In PAGE SIX MAGAZINE …

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Personal Training is a LUXURY service – it’s a real good idea for you to view what you do that way, if you don’t already. I always keep than in mind when I deliver it, market it, and talk about it – it gives me the right mindset when approaching the product I’m trying to sell and the feelings I’m trying to give my clients, all the while kicking their asses in the process. But the luxury services market isn’t doing too good now is it? You could either be living under a rock or in complete denial like me, but you should know that our country and pretty much the entire world is going through an economic crisis. If you believe all the negative press, it won’t be long before garbage bags and straw hats are the highest fashion people can afford! SO WHAT HAPPENS NOW THAT THE ECONOMY IS IN THE TOILET? What happens to us as trainers, that sell this luxury service to a high-end market with the goal of crafting an empowering, comfortable, and appealing lifestyle for ourselves? That’s exactly the subject that was tackled in a recent article of the popular gossip and high-end living […]

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I got probably the best compliment of my life the other day … It was from a Super-Trainer reader who had just read The Whistleblower Report. He said it’s the most influential thing he’s ever read, just behind THINK AND GROW RICH by Napolean Hill. Haha! Do you believe that? It’s true I poured my heart into that report, but putting it in the same league as the greatest success book of all time? That was high praise to say the least! It also caused me to dig up my copy and give it another read. Among the many absolute gems of wisdom contained in those pages was a message I found especially relevant to us as Personal Trainers. Napoleon Hill pointed out how some of the greatest success stories of all time are built on the sale of Personal Services – here’s how he put it:

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PERSONAL TRAINING SECRETS OF THE WORLD’S MOST RIPPED MOM REVEALED!!! Personal Trainer Lauren Brooks Miller talks about how to balance training and life …

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What do porn and Top-Level Training have in common? They’re both hard to define, but you know it when you see it! And I certainly found it (Top-Level Training, not porn) in the training practice of Southern California’s Kettlebell Queen, Lauren Brooks Miller. Like I always talk about on the blog, I didn’t invent this thing; I learned and applied it through observing the trainers that got it right. Lauren is just such a trainer. She’s put it all together into a practice that fits her interests, training, lifestyle, and career goals. It’s pumping on all cynlinders, and is a clear example of what an ideal training practice should be like, and the continuity that every Personal Trainer should be building toward.

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