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ABANDON EVERY HOPE, ALL WHO ENTER HERE …. There isn’t a more dreaded term in Personal Training than BURN-OUT. Think of it as a kind of purgatory where life starts to lose pleasure and meaning, without an end in site. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but this is a place that a lot of Training careers end up and eventually die-off. Some just assume it’s the inherent flaws of the career itself that leads to BURN-OUT. In reality there were probably a lot of things you could have done along the way to save you from this problem and lead to continued happiness with Personal Training. So just like a dreaded disease, right now let’s get into the causes, prevention, and cure.

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When did SUPER-TRAINER get started? I’m not really sure. But around this time is when I first talked to Gunnar Peterson for one of the early posts, so let’s call this the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. The year’s flown by, but it feels like a lot has changed. I’m not talking about just with me, but with the blog too. I hope you got some change and growth out of it too, because that’s what this is about. If you haven’t been skimming around or are just joining us, here’s whats-up:

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“HOW DO I GET STARTED IN PERSONAL TRAINING?!?!?” My Definitive Answer To Starting A Career In Fitness ….

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HOW DO I GET STARTED IN PERSONAL TRAINING?That’s the number one question getting thrown around these days. Instead of skating around the subject, let’s get right to the heart of it. It seems everyone wants to get started in Personal Training for some reason. It’s the question every guy and gal that’s ever gotten passionate about fitness has thought to themselves at some time. They know fitness is something that comes easy to them, and they know they’d be good at it. So once and for all, here’s the answer – HOW TO GET STARTED IN PERSONAL TRAINING, all covered in one post! I hope you’re ready for this one, because it’s got a few parts and might get a little complicated (chuckle), but I’m going to guide you through it right now – please perform each step in order: wherever you are right now, stand up raise your right hand put it over your heart yell in a very loud voice “I AM NOW A PERSONAL TRAINER!” Congratulations! You’re now officially a trainer! How did that feel? Do you feel any different? Well you should, because that’s all it takes. Unlike most other professions, there isn’t a national regulating […]

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MAKING THE JUMP! Talking to Marc Lebert, the da Vinci of Fitness, About Life After PERSONAL TRAINING …

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It’s a little weird talking about life after training. That’s cuz I’m still very much in the midst of it, making great money at it and loving every minute. But for me and I’ve got to say for everyone else, Personal Training is part of a growth process. You could say Super-Trainer’s been part of my growth process, exposing me to new ideas in training and I hope it’s giving you the same thing too. But once you’ve established yourself as a trainer and have a high-level training practice that’s pumping on all cylinders, that’s still not the end. Like I talk about in The Whistleblower Report it’s just the beginning. You’ll now be in a really unique position to move on to even greater things in the training industry. What those greater things are is up to you … that’s what I call THE JUMP. To talk about this subject I wanted to bring on a trainer who’s made that JUMP in multiple areas: Marc Lebert. Marc’s best known as the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer, but that’s just one of the fitness projects he’s involved in. With all the things Marc’s got going on, you’d have to call […]

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MAIL BAG!!! Answering Super-Trainer Reader E-mail and Questions (all through the miracle of streaming video!)

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Real funny how things turn out … Super-Trainer started out as a fun way for me to talk (okay brag) about how amazing Personal Training’s been for me and some of the other trainers I know – a real difference from all the negative crap I was seeing and reading about on the web. It was also an answer to all the info getting thrown around that just doesn’t apply to this extremely unique career. It’s been a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong … an amazing ride for me with some new things coming up that are going to make it even more interesting. But you know what? I find I’m on my computer A LOT these days!!! (What’s worse is I can’t take my laptop to the beach – it just gets too damn hot!)

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