Just had a craaazzzyyy friday night out here in Vegas – absolutely sick.

Until now Super-Trainer has been all about the trainers – about getting you quality information on Personal Training minus the b.s. and rhetoric.

But Now I bring you a completely gratuitous, self-glorifying post about how I’m the coolest guy on earth. Haha! But this ones for you too, because right now, as I sit here contemplating how the night went, everything that happened, and how it’s a completely alternative universe from where I was living just a couple of years ago, I’ve had a revealing breakthrough.

Something real important about work and lifestyle has just crystallized for me, and after I’m done recounting some of the details about this retarded night, I’ll share it with you.

Tonight I was in Tao at the Venetian Hotel and Casino; this is the big Friday spot, so all the celebs and high rollers that are here for Memorial Day weekend are HERE tonight …

Sean MarionThere wasn’t a line outside – it was a mob! I’ve never seen so much ice and silicone, and I’ve been to the best parties in NYC – but this was something different.

I feel sorry for everyone that was stuck outside waiting to get in: I didn’t have the problem – quite the opposite.

My group walked right in because we had aVIP skybox – these are the best, most exclusive seats in the club (only 11 of them), and I’ve got a wristband for entry into one of them.

Tao isn’t like any club I’ve seen in New York – it’s a super club. Multiple rooms with different levels and the entire pool level, Tao Beach, was open – out of this world. One bouncer told me they were expecting about 5,000 people that night. So it looks like with my access I was in the top 1%, which is where I like to be.

There’s the first floor that’s kind of like a big, loud lounge. The restaurant is right behind it, although I don’t know how people eat so close to this blaring music and insanity.

Tao Main LevelThen there’s the main level, with two huge rooms. The main room is two levels, and that’s where we had the skybox, with a view of everything going on, including the dance floor.

The other room on the main level was smaller, but still the size of some entire clubs.

Between the two rooms was the line to Tao Beach: the name they give to the pool level of the Venetian, which they opened up for the party. That level is huge – it’s a big-time attraction and hotspot in itself. I checked it out and it was packed (but they were playing a lot of eighties tunes so I checked out quick).

My VIP wristband for the skybox gave me free reign over the entire club – no lines anywhere and I had a Birdseye view of the entire main level of the club.

I had some great neighbors. I didn’t really peek into the other boxes, but partying next-door to me was Sean Marion from the Miami Heat (if anyone knows who the other guy is sticking his iced out piece in my ear in the picture let me know).

We had unlimited liquor flowing in our booth too – the bottles just kept coming. There was just a handful of guys here, and the rest were gorgeous silicone enhanced models, just doing what models do.

ModelI spent some time dancing with miss “didn’t I see you in last months magazine or catalogue or whatever?” and all the other girls that were passing in and out all night. The scene was straight out of Maxim magazine, or like a Bacardi commercial come to life; most of the time it didn’t even feel real (that was probably due to the booze). Just nasty …

How did I get here? I’ve got my part-time employee and brother Antonello to thank for that – it’s his boys that were my hosts. Feels good to know people …

Yeah, that’s the best, most unbelievable part: I didn’t have to pay a thing for any of this. Not a cent – no line, no admission, no bottles, nothing!

All thanks go to my host Anthony for paying for the whole night. There’s a picture of me here with Anthony, his wife, and his other boy Joey. I don’t know what they do for a living and I don’t wanna know. Personal TrainersI just know that they’ve got to have major cake to organize and throw a thing like this. We were all limoed out in stretch Escalades to and from the venue, and we popped at least 20 bottles. And I was taken care of like this by a guy who I’d never met before in my life.

He seemed like a typical Long Island wiseguy – a Mark Wahlberg type. But he turned out to be completely the opposite – a really smart and amazing person. He just met me and treated me like family, and paid my bill for the night which was easily over $1,500 dollars just for my end. If you’re paying attention, this is what we call giving value: it’s when you give to people just because it feels good. Only high level people are able to do this, but ironically this is exactly the quality that is essential for success in business and life. I can’t say enough about this guy, and I’ve got his back for life.

PERSONAL TRAININGNot surprisingly he had a drop-dead gorgeous wife that I got to know a little bit over the course of the night. Besides being a complete knock-out, she was also an amazing person. Meeting her proved that you can find a woman that’s got it all – the looks, personality, but still loves to party. They also completely changed my mind and showed me there IS life after marriage in terms of fun and partying – these guys really know how to do it. I’m just happy I could bring something to their night and keep everyone in our skybox pumped.

While all of this was going on and all the experiences were building on each other, I couldn’t help but have one thing running through my head:

How did I get here?

Just a couple of years ago I was in my parents basement with no job or future in sight. I had no clients, was out of shape, was dumped by my girlfriend, had no real friends, and no real idea of how I was getting out. I had no way of imagining whether I’d be able to go to places like Vegas, let alone party the way I was right now.

PERSONAL TRAININGNow I was partying in the exclusive VIP area of the top club in Vegas tonight with models, athletes and high rollers, just a couple of short years from when I was at rock bottom.

What am I doing here? I’m just a regular Personal Trainer – not a celebrity trainer or anything like that. I don’t make millions of dollars a year, just hourly wages from training clients – how did I end up here?

It was a long road – you read about the professional part in The Whistleblower Report.

But personally, things were changing in the background too. Things were going on internally about how I viewed myself and what I do. That’s what got me into the situation I’m in right now.

It’s what I call the SECRET SOCIETY. It’s the world we always see behind the velvet rope, in magazines, and in our dreams, but no one ever tells you how to get to.

Most people work their entire lives hoping somehow they’ll get into this inner circle.

Give Me The FingerAnd those that can’t, which is pretty much everyone, often cope with this disappointment through alcohol, drugs, risky sex, and violence – because they can’t figure out how to get into the Secret Society.

It’s where you look good, make money, don’t work, and enjoy every minute of your life. That’s what you can have when you’re a Top-Level Trainer – that’s what this night has taught me.

Because when you decide to be an independent trainer you’ve decided to be the man.

  • You’re the man where you work.
  • You’re the man in the eyes of your clients.
  • You work for yourself.
  • You’re nobody’s bitch.
  • You do something you love to do and would be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it.
  • You can get rid of clients or co-workers you don’t like.
  • You can do something you’re PASSIONATE about.
  • If you don’t like a situation, you can leave it behind.
  • You’re not the slave to a business, just a private practice.

The EntourageThat’s what got me admission into the SECRET SOCIETY – it was these distinctions that resulted from what I do. Because even though like I said at times I didn’t know how I got here, there was one thing I never had a doubt about: that I belonged.

Even though this level was completely new to me, I belonged.

What do I have in common with guys like Sean Marion and the other models and high-rollers that were sharing the other few sky-boxes with me?

It’s that we know something everyone else doesn’t – that there’s another way to tackle the world and live your life. That you’ll never get anywhere by working for someone else; by following someone else’s blueprint. In fact, you won’t get anywhere working period – that’s The Secret.

The Secret

I call it The Secret because that’s where I got it from: the book “The Secret” – this concept was talked about in that book, so if you passed it up you made a big mistake (even though it is a chick’s book).

There has to be a secret behind how some people get to play on a totally different level – I’m sure you realize that already. How else could everyone want the same things out of life, but only a very small number are allowed to have it? This wouldn’t be possible unless there was a secret only a few people knew about, and everyone else was being prevented from learning.

That’s how there are people that make millions every year and others scrap by on minimum wage.

That people get held down to crappy hours working for others, never actually finding themselves.

That people go on doing the same things for years on end, watching the best years of their lives pass them by.

PERSONAL TRAININGWhen all the while you could have just been doing what you love to do, exploring your passions to the fullest, giving value, interacting with others that love the same things as you, and taking what you all love to a higher level.

When you do this you don’t have to worry about money: it just appears in your bank account. And if you really do it right, it appears in quantities too large to count.

It’s at this point that everything is effortless – you don’t have to work for anything. As a matter of fact, if you feel like you’re working then something’s wrong right there from the get-go.

You’ll never be able to get anywhere in life “working”. You’ll never be able to put in the hours necessary to gain mastery; to have the hunger to gain an edge – it’ll never happen for you so don’t even bother.

Personal Training Lebron JamesPeople like Madonna, Oprah, or Lebron James, that make hundreds of millions of dollars and are at the top of their fields – do you think they work?

Sure, they put in countless hours developing the skills that got them to the top. You could even say they had to sacrifice to do this, but could you really call it work? Don’t millions, even billions do the same things as them for fun? The difference is that they decided to do what they loved full force instead of believing that they should be more realistic and follow society’s script of what to do.

If it ever felt like work, they never would have been able to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve the level of mastery they have. Although they are the highest level extreme cases of what’s possible, the same lesson applies to every single one of us.

Personal Training is the same way – a lot has to be done by you before you can get to the top of this industry. But it isn’t work! You’ll actually do it gladly because if you’re a fitness enthusiast (if you’re not get out), then every step gives you tremendous pleasure.

That should be your sign whether you’re doing the right thing. Ask yourself, does this feel good or does it feel like work? If it feels like work, then you’re in the wrong situation.

  • You should love to stay in shape – if you haven’t tried it I’d highly recommend it!
  • You should love to learn about fitness – this is knowledge that is very valuable to yourself, and something that almost everyone in society has an interest in. This allows you to be a natural leader.
  • You should love to tell people about your passions.
  • You should love to help other high quality people succeed and get more out of life – you should find this intrinsically rewarding.
  • You should love to deal with other like-minded people, and take what you all do to a higher level that inspires even more people to benefit from your passions.

Personal Training Bill GatesIt’s these ideas that are the foundation behind every success story in our society. Multi-billion dollar companies like Microsoft and Starbucks are built on the same ideas, except in the fields of computer software and coffee respectively. The people that started these companies didn’t work. They actually eliminated all work and focused only on the thing that they were passionate about – again, that’s The Secret.

What do you do if you don’t have any passions now? That’s a real tragedy and I hope you find it soon. Until then, you can borrow mine.

But I have the feeling that everyone does have some idea of what their passion is. What you need to do is focus on that 90% of the time until it really takes shape into something you can completely identify with. What do you do with the other 10% of the time? You seek to eliminate any task or situation that you’re not passionate about.

In that case, partying in one of the most exclusive places on earth becomes just part of the game to you. And other Secret Society members recognize you – they know you belong. Playing hard and partying hard become one and the same thing.