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Something funny happened recently, and in the process I had a major breakthrough … PFP Magazine just asked me to write an article on managing your finances for personal trainers, or something to that effect – And there’s something that putting your thoughts down on a page does for your thinking, because in the process of putting my article together, I had one of those moments of clarity that you only get a few times a year, if at all – It made me realize it was time, and gave me the inspiration for a new manifesto for the personal training industry – Because even though I’ve looked to blow the whistle and show you what’s really going on through this blog, and with my last WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT, a lot has changed in the past year since I wrote it – I’ve changed, the world has changed, and so has the industry … That’s why it’s time for a new manifesto (and this time it’s going to be a video): THE WHISTLEBLOWER 2.0 FREE WEB VIDEO COMING SOON! The last Whistleblower changed a lot of lives and started a movement – this one’s going to shatter some realities, uncover more […]

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Answering TOP-LEVEL TRAINER MANUAL Owner Questions …

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Hey, do you want to know how to make a ton of friends in just a couple of days?  You should release an online manual!!! That’s kind of what happened to me after the release of the Top-Level Trainer Manual – I’ve gotten bombarded with questions from owners of the Manual to expand on some of the details in there … Hey I’m not complaining – after all, no one forced me to start this blog!  And it’s given me a chance to talk to some really serious trainers that are looking to make massive change in their lives, so I don’t have a problem with it – The only problem’s been finding time to get back to everyone  (sometimes those emails just get buried).  So I thought I’d set up the ole camera again and take the opportunity to answer a few questions from one of my “star pupils”, Summer out in LA – If you’re a trainer starting out, and have questions about finding training locations or targeting affluent neighborhoods, this video reply will help you out too – check it out: So there you go Summer! And I’m starting to realize something important here, that even though […]

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It’s funny how our little personal training and fitness world works … … because although he’d never get recognized at the mall, I talked to a guy recently who’s an absolute celebrityCraig Ballantyne. to trainers worldwide (and just like any celebrity, almost everyone has something to say about him) – In some way or another we all know who Craig is – whether you’re working on an e-book, attending conferences, or just hating on him for making money doing basically the same thing you might be doing 12 hours a day for peanuts; Craig’s a guy that’s very active in this business and known by and friends with most of the people at the top of it. What Craig’s famous for is bringing the e-book mainstream to a new generation of young trainers that have used him for help or inspiration in their own online efforts.  His reach is much larger than e-books now, with his original project, Turbulence Trainingmembership and community component to it, and Craig now heavily involved as a business coach in all the areas of online training, from e-books, to membership sites, to oline promotion. now with a huge Here’s the audio from our conversation: (I […]

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Normally, we’d say if a trainer had only one client, she or he wasn’t doing too good … But I talked to a trainer recently that you could describe exactly like that, with just one client, who’s at the top of his game – That man was Jay Cardiello, the private, live-in trainer to 50 Cent – If that doesn’t sound like the strangest, most exciting, challenging, stressful, and maybe even dangerous training situation you’ve heard about on this blog or anywhere else, I don’t know what is … Ha! But before you go looking for a gig like this yourself, pay attention to what Jay has to say about it – Because there was a lot of dues-paying beforehand, and a lot of work that goes into it now.  Believe that Jay sacrifices plenty for this challenging and rewarding work arrangement. And by challenging, you just have to understand what’s riding on Jay’s shoulders – he’s responsible for a major part of  the image of one of the most marketable stars in the world today. As you could imagine, I had to find out everything about what Jay’s up to, and he was extremely open in talking about his […]

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Answering Super-Trainer Reader Questions …

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Here’s a question I got recently from a Super-Trainer reader, Renee from Barbados. (I didnt’ know Personal Training was big out in Barbados – I might move out there) Renee’s question was very timely because there’s been some heat again in the press recently about Personal Training qualifications – Let me hear your opinion below:

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