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The Father Of Personal Training JAKE STEINFELD

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Body By Jake

True, I’ve had some big names on this blog – everyone from Jennifer Lopez’ , Tyra Banks’, and 50 Cent’s Personal Trainers, all for LIVE interviews, and most have contacted me for the privilege (lol) of sharing their knowledge on the top online fitness marketing blog in the world (yes, that’s Alexa verified).

So I shouldn’t be excited about the guy who I’m going to be profiling now, especially since he’s not even here for a live interview (I’ll get working on that), but it’s hard not to be. Not only is one of the originators of the training business – he’s taken the natural finesse, hustle, and street smarts that defines a Top-Level Trainer and parlayed it into mega-millions, and he’s not slowing down yet.

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Ok, I know the new site has been up for more than a week …

But it’s only right for me to do an official WELCOME TO THE BLOG type of video – so here you have it.

Oh, and check out the new segment I’ve added to the second half of the video. I’ve got to admit I totally hacked it from someone else who’s real popular on YouTube – let me know if you can figure out where I got it from:

Now that it’s official, let me tell you about what we have inside:

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bill phillips and joe polishI love biographies! Something about reading about the successes of other people and how they got there that makes you realize what you’re capable of. What I especially love is to learn about their humble beginning and adversities, most of which make anything you think is stopping you look really small in comparison.

On that note I bring you the first a special five part series I’m calling TOP FIVE TRAINERS TURNED MARKETERS OF ALL TIME.

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Some Classic, All-Star Quotes From the SUPER-TRAINER Archive

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If you’re just visiting the blog for the first time in a couple of days, you’ll notice something major has changed: WELCOME TO THE NEW SUPER-TRAINER!

We’re not officially rolling it out yet because there are still a few things to take care of on the back end – but feel free to let me know what you think

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NEW VIDEO BLOG: Marketing Products Exposed!!!

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Get ready to see a side of me you may not have known about …

I’m doing something new here – I decided to try out the whole VIDEO BLOGGING thing. I busted out the flip-cam while at Michael Duivis’ place this past weekend in California to get some important ideas out to you – let me know what you think of it:

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