If you’re just visiting the blog for the first time in a couple of days, you’ll notice something major has changed: WELCOME TO THE NEW SUPER-TRAINER!

We’re not officially rolling it out yet because there are still a few things to take care of on the back end – but feel free to let me know what you think

What I’m working on now is the major project I have going with one of the top trainers I’ve partnered with –

I don’t know about you, but with me sometimes this marketing stuff can get overwhelming.  Lucky for me, I don’t have to look any farther than my own blog archives for motivational wisdom from some of the world’s top minds on the subject.

I’ve picked out a couple of choice tidbits from some of the brightest people in the business – you can come back to this too the next time you need a virtual pep talk to keep you going hard:


CHRIS McCOMBS – My good buddy Chris runs the extremely popular personal training marketing blog  Although he’s the head of a lovely family, Chris is known for his profanity and love of near-naked women.  He’s a rockstar in this business, and it’s not uncommon for his loyal fans to leave 50+ comments on one of his blog posts.

Here’s what Chris had to say about how he gained the skills to become a kick-ass marketer:

There is a lot to Internet Marketing … it’s not just like you’re gonna throw a website up and the whole world’s gonna come to it and the phone’s gonna start ringing up. There’s a lot more to it than that.

I personally learn stuff better one thing at a time.  I just kind of accomplish one thing at a time instead of tackle 16 things at once – just get good at one thing first.  Now I didn’t become a super master  expert, at any of then. Like in any of the things I’m good at, there are people who blow me away. However, I’m good enough in enough different areas to be real dangerous.

I think this is something everyone should know… to be good enough to make a lot of money, you don’t have to be the best guy in the world ’cause there’s always people  who are gonna be way better – but if you’re really good at certain things, you can still get there.


CYNTHIA CONDE – Now we have my local home town girl from New York City, Cynthia Conde.  Cynthia is the queen in the business of offline fitness marketing.  She’s used her personality and hustle to get a bunch of celebrity clients, a book deal, reality TV show, and recently opened her own fitness studio.  Cynthia breaks down the complete winner’s mindset and competitive edge it take to make it big in fitness:

If you see an opportunity, do not second guess it off.  WE get that enough, we get enough negative things around us, whether it be the media or people we know who try to break you down. You need to think positive and just look ahead. You just never know, and if you try something and you fail, try  something else.

Fitness is just amazing. Why? Because there will always be a market for people like us, for trainers like us.  We all know that a basic workout, with weight training, a cardio program, coupled with a nutrition program, will get you results.  But the average person is  finicky. They’re bored,  and they don’t want to do just weight training, or they don’t want do average cardio. So we as trainers have to come up with really cool ideas to motivate our clients – whether it’s a bootcamp, blogging, sports specific training, you name it, you create it, you’re in charge.


CRAIG BALANTYNE – Now we have a guy that I got to hang with a lot this past weekend, Craig Ballantyne.  I call Craig the father of the modern e-book, because it’s fact that he’s inspired and guided many of the online fitness success stories you see and hear about today.  I’ve worked with Craig on several projects in the past, and we have many more coming – here’s what he had to say the last time he was on:

There’s a lot of people that need help with fitness and there’s a lot of ways to deliver your message.  The things is, with all of this internet, multimedia, and social networking stuff, you really only have to connect very strongly with a small number of people in order to create a very comfortable lifestyle.  You don’t need a hundred thousand people, you don’t need to be on national TV, you don’t need to be the best biggest wizard trainer, and you don’t need to have the greatest success story.

I know lots of people doing well that ninety nine percent of fitness trainers have never heard of.  I still go to the gym and I never get recognize, so I mean nobody knows Craig Ballantyne.  You only need to get your hand in a tight leash with a great product and a really good story, and a connection with the people who have a problem, and you give them solution, and you need just a few thousand people paying twenty five bucks a month on a membership site – that’s it.


KAISER SERAJUDDIN – Call me vain, but sometimes I just read some of my own stuff to get pumped up – trust me, when you have thousands of page of content (when did I write all of that) and articles floating around, you’ll do the same thing too.  Here’s something that came from my TOP-LEVEL TRAINER MANUAL, and it always keeps me grateful for the lifestyle fitness has given me:

If you grew up in typical household, you probably don’t feel like you deserve to have it so easy. Watching my parents wake-up every day at 6 AM and come home exhausted, I started to feel that this is the way life was supposed to be.

If your upbringing was similar, you also watched your parents consumed by their work, losing touch with their own lives and interests. As you enter adulthood, you begin to believe this is normal. This world-view is reinforced through the media and popular culture; the idea that you’ve got to go to school for many years, and after that get started in a career where you’ll be overworked and underpaid for several more years after that.

You’re also led to believe that you have to work for a jerk-wad boss and look forward to your 2 week vacation every year. If you work especially hard and are really successful, you might even get a promotion, where you can work even more hours and hopefully make a little more pay.

And if you’re really lucky, one day when you’re old and overweight, you’ll be able to make enough money to live comfortably and retire a few years early; but at this point your youth has passed you by and all you have to show for it are a bunch of possessions, but no real life experiences.


It’s always great to have something motivational to look at to get you back in the zone.  And that’s very important, because belief and a positive attitude are essential if you plan to get anything done.  Okay!  I’m good now, and ready to get back to work – which one was your favorite?  Let me know …