Hey it’s your boy Sam here. I got a killer post for you today with one of my most successful clients Dan Charlier.

He is the client that I volunteer to train myself so that I can get to be around him and learn from him.

I know all of you have one or two high very high powered personal training or boot camp clients. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from them.

Dan is my financial advisor as well as one of my mentors.


The Office of Dan Charlier
8942 Willemite blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Office 909) 376-8514
Fax 909) 583-9368

Assistant’s Jessica’s email: dcharlier8@gmail.com




Sam: Hey everybody! This is your boy 7-figure Sam from Super-Trainer.com and today I’m in Chino Hills with my man Dan Charlier.

Dan: What’s up Sam?
Sam: What’s going on Dan? How are you?
Dan: I’m doing awesome man.
Sam: Now Dan is a long-time friend of mine and one of my clients for many years. He is a chairman of World Financial Group and he is not only a mentor and a friend, but also he advises me financially. Making sure that I don’t make the mistakes that I always do, buying cars and stuff all day long.

So anyway Dan, We’ve been friends for a long time and everytime that we get together and I am training you. I don’t know if you know this but the only reason I train you is because I actually want to pick your brain. So I’m gonna come out, I don’t want to train anybody else but when Dan comes into town, that’s my man I am training him and I want to pick his brain. And, if you have a client that you know is so financially, now not only financially but just successful. You want to do the same thing and you just want to try to pick their brain. Now Dan, you have an amazing story.

Dan: You know it’s interesting that you’re saying that Sam because one of the reasons that I insisted on training with you is because I wanted to have the association with you, because of your fitness beliefs.

Sam: I appreciate that. Thank you! So it’s like mutually beneficial.

Dan: Exactly.

Sam: Awesome!

Sam: Now Dan you have an amazing story. I remember you telling me your story on how you’ve come up to where you are right now in life. Could you just briefly take a couple of minutes and tell us your story.

Dan: Yeah sure! You know I was born in haiti. I came here when I was 9 years old and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York with a single Mom. I watched my mom work 14-16 hours a day. I graduated high school decided I was going to become an architect, went to college at the State University of Farmingdale. After 2 semesters, I heard the top student talk in Farmingdale and he said he can’t find a job, and he said if he had to do it all over again he would drop out and go get a job. So, I’ve always been a person that took massive action so I dropped out and got a job. And, I started working in a hospital, did that for about 6 months. My mom sat me down one night and she said “I work entirely too hard to watch you become an exterminator in a hospital. You need to figure out what to do but you can’t stay in this house”. So, I got scared because my mom was very, very disappointed. And I was on a train in New York one day and I saw a Marine dressed in a blue uniform and I said “You know what? maybe I’ll join the marine corps.” I got home that night and told my mother I says, “Mom I think I know what I am going to do, I’m going to join the marine corps”. She says “You know how tough the marine corps is?” I says “Mom if I can handle you, I can handle the marine corps.” So the next morning, the marine corps recruiter calls me and said “We heard you wanted to join the marine corps” and I said “what? Me? who?” he said “that your Mom called us and told us to come get you.”

So in 1987 I went down at boot camp, at marine corps boot camp. I loved it. I graduated boot camp. I told my drill instructors that within 3 years I’ll be back to be a marine corps drill instructor. Two and a half years later I went back, I was stationed on Parris Island went to D.I. school became a drill instructor. I trained about 8 platoons with the marines. Then from there, I competed with the marine corps to become the 23rd color shark of the marine corps, which I was entrusted to carry the colors for President Clinton and President Bush. And, then from there I was asked to take over the marine corps silent drill team, which is the most prestigious platoon in the marine corps as far as the silent drill team. I took over the drill team in 1995 and then at ’96 I got stationed out here at El Toro. And in ’97 I got introduced to this opportunity to an opportunity here at financial services as an entrepreneur, I did it part time and after eleven months I turned my annual income into a monthly one, and I’ve been here since.

Sam: That’s what I am talking about. So you were a type of person that always had goals, always trying to improve from the beginning or when did that actually sink in?

Dan: Well I think at the beginning for me, I wasn’t consciously competent, I always had a gut feeling, I always had a gut instinct, I went with my gut all the time but I’ve always wanted to be in a position where I was challenged and I was accountable. And I think that I automatically separate myself from the path, I just want to be challenged. And after doing a lot of personal self-improvement which we be talked about, reading books and associating with the right people, I started becoming consciously competent which means that I started to understand how I get the results that I get. And a big part of it was, me being very selective on who I associate myself with.

So one of the things on the fitness side, which you made reference to earlier is that, one of the reasons that I like the association with you is because when I’m around you I think about fitness and your standard for fitness is so high. Just in communication, I’m already thinking to myself “Man am I in shape, am I working out, am I eating right? blah blah blah..” because of the association and it’s the same thing you know if you have a successful marriage, well obviously you want to hang out with the people that have successful marriages because the conversations are going to be different. If you don’t want to have a successful marriage, you’re going to hang out with a bunch of people that are single, and pretty much soon you’d be single.

Sam: True…

Dan: You know, so That’s one of the elements that I’ve always used.

Sam: Now Dan, we talk about associations a lot and I know you always surrounded yourself with the best of the best and I appreciate being your go-to fitness guy. Now I’ve seen you with Evander Holyfield. I came to your house, you called me and was like “come to my house, Evander is here” Evander who? so I was like “Hold on, what?” so you know we go to your house and there’s Evander telling war stories and I’m like “wow”! and then when I see a picture of you and Jay-Z. You pretty much know who of who. How do you do that? I mean you would probably be one of the most connected people that I know.

Dan: Yeah I think everything is about positioning and what starts to happen is the more you start to work on yourself, the more you start to personally improve, the more you develop personal self-integrity and you have self-esteem and self-confidence then automatically you start to navigate into certain circles and I think champions when they meet other champions, the recipe’s the same. You know it’s amazing when I was talking and Evander and I were having a conversation and every time we talk it’s like, like-minded conversation, and you start to see anyone that superseding, that is doing well at whatever it is that they’re doing I think there is a common bond because at some point you start to think “Man! I’m the only one that thinks like this, you know what I mean? Because for me, I get so excited, I can’t go to sleep at night I’m so fired up. And, you know I can’t wait to get up in the morning, I’m so excited.

Sam: You know you’re not kidding about that. But, here’s the thing like when you see some champions and they make it to the top, and you know when they take their foot off the pedal and next thing they know they’re not champions anymore. We seen boxers go to the top, now they’re number one, they start getting cocky and next thing they know they’re getting knocked out, right? You know sometimes when you’re at the top, you feel like you can take your foot off the pedal and you can just hold spot. We know that is not true but what makes you? what keeps you up at night? What makes you get up in the morning? What keeps you motivated, even though that you’re a multi millionaire and… you live in Bel-air for god’s sakes. I mean if I was you I will think that, hmmm… I don’t know I’ve never been there, but if only about hmm.. I got millions in a bank, I live in Bel-air, I’m good I just want to kick-back but that is not you. I have a picture of you (actually I’m going to post them on my blog below), I think you were on the 4 or 5 freeway, traffic backed up, driving your bentley and you’re making calls, you’re doing your stuff. How do you do that? why do you do that?

Dan: I think that’s where the associations are very important because if for example let’s say you’re making a hundred thousand dollars a year and your associations; the 5 associations, you’re hanging out with a bunch of guys making 40, 50, 60, 70 thousand dollars a year. Now when I say that I’m not saying that just because you’re making more money you’re better than them, that’s not what I’m saying because we’re all children of God. I’m very clear on that, but if I’m making a $100,000 a year, but I’m hanging around with bunch of guys making 40, 50, 60. Now I can get comfortable because now I think I’m the rich guy but if I make a $100,000 a year and I start to associate with people that are making a quarter million, 300, 400 thousand, Now what starts to happen, I start to have a vision of what’s capable and I think one thing that I keep on my mind is that either you’re growing or you’re dying, you follow me? so every stage I set new associations. Now my buddies that I associate now with, I’m like the brokest guy there. So for me it makes me uncomfortable because my natural competition, my natural competitor spirit and I know you’re like that you go “if they can do it, I can do it” then I naturally gravitate towards and I hit that goal and then I set another set of goals.

Sam: It’s funny you say that Dan because I’ve been part of lots of masterminds, and usually I’m one of the top there. I just recently joined a mastermind, it’s a top inner marketing mastermind and I am by far the smallest fish there and usually I’m going to mastermind yapping. When the first time I was there, I was so intimidated, I didn’t say a word, it was like the first day of school. But, by just being there like you’ve said I saw the vision and already my income was increased, the more I’m associating with people when I’m already in their inner circle. I think it’s kind of like when somebody they said like a 6-minute mile was impossible. Then the first person that did it, next thing you know everybody has surpassed that. it’s just one of those things.

Now I know you’re in securities business and you can’t get any specific advice here. But what would you tell someone that is just getting started in the fitness business and they want to start, they don’t make a ton of money, they’re just getting started they’re making $40, 50, 60 thousand a year, How can they start building wealth?

Dan: I think one of the biggest things with that is understanding fundamentals and one of the big things and obviously I could a ask that question a lot is and one of the biggest things that I tell whether I’m sitting down with my family making $30,000 a year or $50,000 a year, it’s very important that you have a fundamental understanding of how money works. It is kind of like, if I come to you and I say “Sam I want to get in shape where you got to give me to understand the fundamentals, right? And one of the fundamentals that regardless of what you do if you don’t understand this fundamental, you would never ever become financially independent. You got to pay yourself first. So what I mean by that is that if I make a $1000 a month, I got to understand the first person that I pay first is my family, so 10% of that if I make a thousand dollars I save a $100. So if I can understand that, then once that thousand dollars starts to 2 thousand dollars a month, 3 thousand dollars a month, 4 thousand I have the discipline of paying myself first. One of the biggest mistake that we make is we pay everybody. we pay our cars, our homes, we pay our bills, we pay all of this stuff and when it comes back to us we go “I’m broke, I don’t have any money, I live payday to payday and we say to ourselves if I make a little bit more money, then I would save. But then, when we make a little bit more money we get a nicer car, we get a nicer home so it becomes this track that we live in of a rat race. We make money, pay bills. And you know the census bureau, in their report years ago when they said 73.8% of americans retire in poverty with less than $10,000 a year to live on, that’s less than $833 a month.

So once a family understands, when an individual understands paying yourself first, now they got to understand “What are my options as far as where to save” and they have to have a plan and that’s where we come in.

Sam: You know it’s so funny you say that because I have a 4 partners in Chicago and we own boot camps over there so each of us have a different roles. I remember like the first month in business we look at the finances, the first month we didn’t make that much money. They were like ” what should we do? we should invest in this, we should get this”. I’m like “no! you guys write me a check, you gotta write your check, you gotta write your check.” And they were like “What do I put in the amount” I said “It doesn’t matter, just write $250”. So, we started writing and we made a pact. Okay for every paycheck, we’re going to increase our paycheck by $250, and now it’s been over a year and now everybody is making so big and our goal is, each of us paycheck goes up $250 each month. And they can’t believe now the paycheck that they’re getting because they didn’t want to start bucking on. Now, I remember that is something that I learned from you, pay yourself first.

Dan: That goes back, I know you do a lot of reading, but if you go back to the richest man in babylon. I mean that’s the one of the simple concepts that he talks about all the time and you find the wealthiest people in the world and part of paying yourself first is you value yourself. You know for me it’s God, family and my business and it’s in that order. So if I’m working this hard as I’m working with my business, the first person that I’m going to pay first is my family. I want to make sure that my family doesn’t get left behind.

Sam: Okay So now I’m just going to stop here and say some random stuff and you just describe them with one word. Okay, Holyfield?

Dan: Awesome!

Sam: Jay Z?

Dan: Visionary

Sam: Bentley?

Both: LOL

Sam: Hey, this is Sam from super-trainer.com, and this is my man Dan Charlier who took his time here in the World Financial Group headquarters here in Chino Hills. Thank You Dan! I really appreciate your time.

Dan: Not a problem, that was fun.

Sam: Thank you!