I know what you’re thinking right now: not another article about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But hey, if the bodybuilding magazines can feature him on the cover of every other issue, then why can’t we?

Arnold’s influence on the fitness industry is hard to fathom.  His popularization of bodybuilding decades ago is the reason why 75% of the square footage of most gyms are devoted to bodybuilding equipment, and why millions of people worldwide are obsessed with it.

But beyond his physique, there are a lot of things we as fitness industry entrepreneurs have in common with him that are not always obvious. Here are a few little known things about Arnold that you may have in common but may not have been aware of:

  1. He was a trainer: for a little while Arnold was a personal trainer.   He hated it, but there’s a lesson in that – you should look to gain leverage in your fitness business and take a leadership role (instead of doing all of the training) as soon as possible.
  2. He was a mail order entrepreneur for a while (and did fairly well at it):  Arnold made millions in mail order information products, but you have to admit it was a little easier for him.  He was made a huge star through his exclusive contract with the Weider Bodybuilding publications, so he had a built in “list”.
  3. His work ethic and drive are legendary: they probably far out pace any natural gifts he may have been born with.

There are of course tons of videos featuring him all over the web, but I found a few that were particularly good.  They are in Arnold’s own words, and the info he shared was to the point, and as up front as you’ll hear anyone in his position deliver out in the open.

Two of these videos are from a university commencement address he delivered, and the other is from an interview.  All three videos will have your mind popping with kernels of wisdom from the master:

[youtube JdTPwnk1Kl0 nolink]

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[youtube hvOUVil7W5s&feature nolink]

To, review, here are few of the lessons from above that were particularly good:

  1. Once you achieve success once, it can be repeated: as Arnold explains, when he entered acting he just copied his pattern of success in bodybuilding.  He trained and studied the same way and got similar success.
  2. Never listen to the naysayers:  when you really thing about it, it’s the most ridiculous thing that Arnold got the success he did in acting with his accent, his name, and his huge muscles.  But he knew what he wanted to accomplish, and refused to accept anything short of it.  When it came to running for Governor, he did the same thing.  He announced his candidacy just months before the election, and he averaged just a couple of hours of sleep per night until he got the job.
  3. Parents just don’t understand:  one of the funniest points from the videos above was the story he told about his mom calling a psychiatrist to check him out because he was so obsessed with bodybuilding.  If you have any goals beyond what your parents did, especially big goals, they’ll think you’re nuts.  (Btw, if everyone did exactly what their parents did, we’d still be living in caves wearing animal skins.)
  4. Goals are one thing – you have to put in the pain to get the results:  even if you’re the most talented, you still need to outwork everyone else to get the best results.  But beyond the work, Arnold is proof of the most important part of all: results are all that matter.

In my opinion, he’s one of the all time greats in history, so you can’t get much better advice than what you get from Arnold.  If you doubt yourself or find yourself listening to those around you, be sure to keep this post bookmarked!  Good luck.