jersey-shoreDrunken, skanky, sloppy, little piglets running around acting like uneducated mongoloids… that pretty much sums the Jersey Shore up (except for Pauly D, that dude is alright in my book).

This is what our society deems as entertainment. The average Joe spends 4-5 hours a day watching the old boob tube. And this is the brain numbing shit that they watch….

Here are a few others that I have heard the girls talking about in my facility:

*Dance Moms

*Real Housewives of…. (Drunken, skanky, sloppy, Plastic little piglets……)

*Toddlers & Tiaras (some truly scary shit!)


*Extreme Couponing

The list could go on and on…..

So how does all this fit into your fitness business?


I know it sounds F’in Crazy, but here are two events I’m implementing as we speak: In the process I have lost my man card for life….

jersey-shore1) Jersey Shore viewing parties! All my members are invited to the facility and they can bring a friend ;-). Everyone is encouraged to dress up like their favorite guido or guidette. This shit is hilarious! I stole this idea from my good friends the Boot Camp Girls who do a TRUE BLOOD viewing party with fangs, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Find out what shows your members are into and set up viewing parties. I’m actually doing a Super Bowl Party as well… GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!


pedicure_photo2) Pedicures with the girls (this works especially well if you are a male trainer with mostly female clients). I have contests all week to see who gets to come with me to get pedicures. I’m bringing 3 regular boot camp members with my elite boot camp mastermind group. Make sure to check out my Facebook page for pics! This should be pretty hilarious……..

A few more client appreciation events that I do are:

*Next Level Night Out- VIP bottle service at a local Vegas Style Night Club on me (1x a year)

*Bowling Night Out

*Dinners out on me….

The point I’m making is, connecting with your target market and having fun in the process will bring  in a steady flow of clients guaranteed!


Steve Krebs
The Funniest Man in Fitness